Sunday, September 2, 2012

Old Songs I Remember You By

Songs make life colorful and memorable.  In fact I associate many people I loved, and even those I have loved and lost and those I have hated too with songs. 

My father used to sing this song as my lullaby until I was uh, four years old :) 
Sometimes Tatay sang  with the following lyrics as I remember...

Around the world, I searched for you, I travelled long with hope was gone to keep a rendezvous... 

Usually he hummed the other parts of the song and ended with:

No more will I go on around the world for I have found my world in you....

I loved it when he combined singing and humming so I would actually request him to sing the song with na naaa, it sounded like that when he hummed.

That song is a theme song of a movie with the same title, Around the World in 80 Days, made in 1956.  Oh yeah, I must be less than or one year old then. 

I remember Nanay singing this song as a lullaby to my sisters Jo and Maritz, so I dedicate this song to them:

When I was a young, small and ferocious, my brother Cezar+  and I always found reasons to argue and  fight.  We fought with words, lots of screaming, fists and kicks.  He was two years older than me - yes, a boy too, and that made our fights quite interesting.  He was stronger and  bigger but he was no match to my theatrics which include rolling at least three times in pain from his kick, or crashing down on the floor from his fist while bawling and cursing. We would fight for the smallest excuse there was.  I thought that I was very smart, he thought that he was smarter.  He thought that I should be scared of him as he was bigger and older; I thought that he should give in/yield to me for the same reasons.  Anyway, we were like tigers fighting for our territory.  That changed when we were almost done with our teenage years, we became 'normal' brother and sister.  Anyway, each time I hear this song I remember Cezar. One day, after our usual fight I consoled myself (after my theatrical cries) by singing When You're Smiling.  I was quite surprised that after singing, Cezar also sang/hummed the song.  I guess he was consoling himself too.  Here is the song, and I prefer the livelier version by Michael Buble, just  the way I sing it:

My mother, Nanay told me the story of a movie, The Autumn Leaves, starring Joan Crawford.  I was moved by the story of lovers - an older woman and a young man.  They were so in love but the older woman thought that someday the young lover may leave her for a young lady.  She initiated their break up, against the young man's will.  It was painful for both of them; they suffered much, but eventually I think the young man married a lady of his age.  The older woman would always remember him by this song:

I once had a young suitor, very ardent, very sincere, very generous, and of a different culture and religion.  He was almost half my age and naturally his family did not approve of me.  I remember him by this song too.

An ex BF reminds me of this song, or this song reminds me of him.  I won't say much anymore to protect the innocent :P

This song reminds me of another ex bf:

Yes, even before the advent of the scandalous Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili video, we had our own too, I suspected much ..... I confronted him about it, he did not confirm nor deny.   If ever my suspicion was true, it did not go viral though.

One of my BFFs, Sophie,  has this song as her favorite when we were teenagers (never been kissed, never been loved), and like a prediction her love story is almost the same as the song's theme. 

I remember another BFF, Lourdes,  with this song.  It was the time for our barrio fiesta and nobody was in our house except Lourdes and I.  Lourdes and I danced with gusto while this song played until big brother Edwin who was super a***ole at that time,  killjoy,   arrived and made us stop.  I also dedicate this song to another BFF , Charry.

A childhood friend, Elet,  used to tease me that I don't know any other song except this.  I was a quite pissed because I've known lots of songs, but this was my favorite.  Anyway like a prediction, I am also a very devoted wife, I assure you :))

This is one of my hubby's favorite song,Peanuts' Theme song.  This song is for you, sweetheart.

Although this is the song I'll always sing for you.  I have a special friend who always appears when I am feeling alone even when I have gazillions of people around me.  This person always sings/play this song for me:

And lastly I dedicate this song to you, my gentle readers :)