Friday, December 3, 2010

Letter to My Reflection in the Mirror

Dear Woman in the Mirror,

 You've come a long way, from a remote hacienda in the south to this place in the north, lol.  You have gone places, met so many people and had lived many roles - unwanted poor relation, working college student librarian, teacher, photographer/videographer, call center agent, tarot card reader, palm reader, numerology expert, dream interpreter,  pranic healer, writer, sales person,  young and hopeful wife, ambitious career woman, long suffering unhappy wife in a loveless marriage, unfaithful wife, 'separated' wife, mother, single mom, the other woman,  kept woman, new old wife, confidante to the young wives, adviser to the broken hearted,  etc., etc.

Too many roles, past and present, like being Jack of all Trades (master of none?).  Whatever you'd like to be  when you grow up (ganun) be always mindlful  of your actions and words.   Be always appreciative of what you have, for that is the basis of your happiness.   You have the ability to "concretize the abstract" and use that to the max to help others who are also in the journey.  Congratulations, I am proud of you :))

Wayne Dyer's books gave me self assurance to take charge of myself.  Reading his book made me realize that the person responsible for me is ME, guided by prayers and guidance of people I love. You will love Wayne Dyer's books.
In YOUR ERRONEOUS ZONES, Wayne Dyer encourages his readers to ask themselves this question: "How long am I going to be dead?" Dyer suggests that taking such an "eternal perspective" will aid one in gaining a more "take charge" stance in life. Life is a risk, and we are all going to die anyway, so why not do what we want with our lives? This has been one of the most helpful self-help books I have ever found. In fact, I think it may be THE best self-help book I've ever read. This is one of the "classics," and many others have taken its lead. I believe this is Wayne Dyer's best work.
The other not-so-pretty reality of life that Dyer suggests we face is that things are not fair, and they never will be. In chapter 8, "The Justice Trap," the author writes bluntly about the fact that injustice is committed every day and that if one has enough money one can get away with it. Poor people will rot in jail, while rich people get a slap on the wrist for the same crime. It is not an "erroneous zone" (self-defeating behavior) to notice the injustices of this world; the erroneous zone is the belief that becoming incapacitated with anger, guilt, worry, or indignation, by the injustices will change anything. Many heroic people try to change the injustices, and they are to be commended. But they often fail because they are against impossible odds. Year after year, century after century, the privileged few get away with what the rest of us do not. Is it fair? No! Should we convince ourselves that it is okay? No! Should we fool ourselves into believing incapacitating ourselves with worry and anger is going to change anything? No, again. If you can do something to end an injustice, then do it. If you can't, don't feel guilty.
I also enjoyed Dyer's candor on the hypocrisy of educational institutions, and found it surprising considering that he himself is a professor. He notes that one of the greatest "erroneous zones" is the need for approval, and then he points out that schools are one of the main culprits in instilling the need for approval in people. From the moment you walk into a school, he says, you are told where to sit, how to talk, what to write, how to think, control, control, control, and then you are graded according to your willingness to hand your mind over to the authority figures. Students with high self-esteem, who are full of self-love, and who are not susceptible to guilt and worry, are systematically labeled "trouble makers" by the school faculty. The inference is clear: ridding oneself of guilt and erroneous zones often means going against the very fabric of this society.
This is a radical book! And it's been a good friend for years. I had the honor of meeting Mr. Dyer a few years back at a book signing, and he seems to live what he preaches.

Andrew Olivo (Oregon, United States)
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Letter to the Persons That I Want to Tell Everything To

Dear Neighbors and Friends,

Recently there is a war of words between two women most of us know.  I am so tempted to join in, to referee, to shed light, to admonish, to advise, etc.  Nobody asked me to,  nobody asked my opinion, so why join the fracas and take side.  And, as always there are different sides to the problem. An older wife who is cancer-stricken is spreading news about a scandalous affair between her husband and her young friend, and the young friend is retaliating  by telling her friends online that the older wife/friend's soul is burning in hell  even while she's alive for spreading nasty lies about her.

I think this is how the whole thing started:
Older wife, let's call her A,  and young wife, let's call her E,  are neighbors like most of us are - neighbors and friends.  Older wife A had recuperated from cancer and was happy that she survived.   Alas, she learned that a good friend and neighbor, E,  flirts with her husband R, non-stop.  She got upset and her cancer cells became active again and this time, more vicious and had spread to her brains too.  Three doctors gave her an approximate life span of one more month!  She's dying, OMG.  To get back to E, A revealed to everyone the alleged affair of her friend E and her husband R.  Everyone is so sympathetic with A and now looks at E in a different light.  E is young, pretty and dresses sexy!  She makes 'meaningful' eye contact a lot - to young and old, to neighbors, to friends, to strangers - in fact to every man she meets - in a bar, in restaurant, inside the bus, jeepneys, department stores, etc.  In her own words, she was testing if they still had  'asim'  (if they would respond to her flirty moves)  and she found it cute that these men responded  to her ummm,....charm.  She may deny this and may say that she's just being her natural vivacious self.  Also, some people see her all dressed up, wear overpowering perfume,  and went out by herself  when her husband, S,  was out of the country.

Whether A's accusations are true or not, we can not verify, for who knows what happens inside closed doors of our neighbors and friends.  We tend to judge appearances and actions.  We see a young wife making googoo eyes with another man and we ask ourselves why she's behaving like an unmarried young woman;  and why she's hitting on our husband, our boyfriend, other neighbors, even strangers.   We see a young wife online (chatting in cyberspace) almost every night until dawn and we wonder what's the husband's take on this.

 Image from

Do we learn a lesson or two from this scenario?  Why not.

1.  Wives, be faithful to your husbands.  Being faithful not only means not going to bed with another man.  It also means not fantasizing to be with another man, not sending love letters or exchanging romantic texts messages with another man, or not chatting and having an online boyfriend!.

2.  Wives, flirt (must you?) discriminately and discreetly.  If you are unhappy with your marriage or if you think that you have yet to meet your Mr. Right (obviously you don't think your husband is the Mr. Right), don't look for Mr. Right in your neighborhood,  or don't hit on your friends' husbands or partners, ewwww.

3. Husband, love your wife.  Loving not only means making love to her, it also means putting her in her place - becoming a real wife to you.   Discourage her from  flirting with every man in the neighborhood and to every male she meets everywhere you go.  Don't allow her to drift away from you by condoning her to look for male  'friends' online.  You know who her old male friends (classmates and town mates)  and newly found 'online friends', do you?  

4.  Let's be kind to each other.  We should not tell anyone who is being treated with chemotherapy that she's already burning in hell.  Instead let's pray for her fast and complete recovery.

Do you think that your young wife is bored of you and your life together? This will help you:

You know it and your wife knows it, you’re not as close as you once were. There’s just no denying that fact. The question, is what do you do to change that? This quick easy read provides 12 tips that show you how to feel close again using the universal principle of the law of attraction. You owe it to yourself to learn what you may be doing that’s making matters worse. Learn how to turn things around by employing the logic of the law of attraction.

Letter to Someone That Changed My Life

Dear Sweetheart,

You have changed my life, you are the greatest thing that happened in my life.  my life, my daughters' lives are transformed for the better because of you.

No matter how much and how frequent we squabble, we both know that we are "together for the duration" - your words.  Also, I love the way we thresh out our problems.  We are both stubborn, we are both opinionated, yet we find a way to compromise and resume our happiness.  I thank God always that we are here for each other.  I don't like to be mushy now, but you know how much I love you.  God bless you my darling and take care always.


 How do you keep the love alive?  This book will help you:  
Marriage starts with being totally enthralled with the most amazing man you've ever met. Then ... life happens. Kids, bills, illness, family issues, not to mention stubble, belching, and raggedy underwear. You love your husband, but you don't always LIKE him. The Husband Project is for us, women who have fallen into a comfortable marriage routine, meaning "you don't bug me and I don't bug you." This book offers hope that there's more to marriage than just a lukewarm partnership stuck in neutral; in just 21 days you can jump start your marriage. Kathi Lipp's writing is clear, real, and hilarious as she challenges you to put your marriage on "project status" and shows you how to work her plan with very little effort and lots of results. The book also offers lots of practical info, such as a list of great guy movies, man-pleasing recipes, and "The Real Woman's Guide to Lingerie Shopping." If "a simple word can renew hope (Lois Rabey)" then this fun and friendly book can help you renew your marriage. It's like a kick in the pants from a wise and wonderful best friend, and Lord knows we all need that from time to time!
Review by  Susy Flory (Bay Area, California)

Letter to the Friendliest Person I Knew for Only One Day

Dear Sister,

We met at the dentist's office in Angeles, Pampanga.  I was with my usually grumpy hubby who has an aching  tooth problem.  I gave you a candy and we had instant friendship.  You were curious about the intercultural relationship.  I told you that it's basically the same, whatever the color of the skin -  it's the ability to communicate and the willingness to communicate that counts.  I gave you my business card in the hope that we could exchange emails but I have not received an email from you....maybe you've lost the card or you have no time, etc.  Not a problem.  I'd just like you to know that I had a wonderful time with our small chit-chat and I hope that everything's well with you.  You are like an innocent girl,  full of wonder of the people and relationships around you.  You also reminded  me of another nun whom I'd met in Bacolod before.  I was young, just graduated from college and 'banished'  to the province because my grandma and aunts did not approve of me having a boyfriend.  I poured my heart out to that nun while waiting  to be interviewed by the school's principal. I was applying for a school librarian position.  Later I was called to report  for work but I was back in  Manila where I'd always wanted to be - but I am rambling already.  My point is that nuns/sisters like you are always good to be around.  You are always so selfless to share your time and prayers.  I pray for your happiness too.  I pray for your health and I pray that more and more people be like you who is always wanting love and peace and happiness for everyone.  God bless you much, may your tribe increase (how?).


 This book is an entertaining read:
I found looking into the life of a nun to be very interesting. Sister Mary Jane takes you from her childhood through 60 years of living her faith. And not everything is as it appears. Like the cover of her book, the more you look at it, the more you see: an adobe building, crosses, a shadow of a nun with her hands folded in prayer and her veil being lifted as if she is a bride (a bride of Christ), and a vague image of Christ on the Cross appearing in the gated doorway. Sister Mary Jane lets you know that her vocation is to serve God as a nun, but she also lets you know that she is just as human as everyone else. I'd have to say, she is a very special person.

Review by:  
Kim Elder (Lakewood, OH USA)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Letter to the Person I Know is Going Through the Worst of Times

Dear Lorie,

You're in Germany right now with your sick husband who is waiting for a kidney donor.  I feel your pain.  You are torn between loyalty to your new foreigner husband and your Filipino children.  You have to be there for your sick husband at this time. I know you always worry for your children here who are almost without a guardian most of the times.  You cannot trust anyone completely and no one has enough time for your children.  Even your own mother would not be able to fill in your role for your children - who are mostly  in their teens now. Them being at this age is already a probable bomb, and on top of that, it is the first time for you and them to be far from each other.   And much could be said on the parenting skills of  your 62 year-old mother who has a 36 years-old lover!.  Again, Lorie,  I feel your pain.  


I cannot help you much.  I tried helping your eldest daughter on her school lessons, but really,  she is in the wrong course.  I hope that she and you realize that,  and the sooner the better.  Let me tell you this.  There's nothing wrong with a vocational two-year course.  What's wrong is making a square peg fit into the round hole, OMG.  I will not comment on other small personal  stuff.  You have already a handful and I don't want to add to it.

I would like you to know that you and your children, your husband too,  are included in my prayers. I am a wife and a mother like you, and I wish that husbands be healthy,  wealthy and generous;  and children be fit and strong smart;  and wives like us,   be patient, kind, affectionate and understanding and wise beyond our years.

Be strong, Lorie.

God bless.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter to the Last Person I Kissed

Dear Husband,

We're not on speaking terms right now because I am so pissed off with you.   Why are men like babies?  We were both sick of diarrhea from our recent trip, and I got the worst of it.

You kept expecting much from me.  I warned you that I will not be my amusing and entertaining self as usual because...I am SICK.  Did you notice that I threw up five times and in between I had to sit in the toilet bowl for you know why!

You asked me if I'd like to check in to the hospital, and cancel our plane flight.   I told you, "No, I just would like to go home".  Yet we did not go home as fast as we could.  You decided you'd like to consult a new doctor for your hematoma, so I had to wait for you while you went for your hematoma consultation.  Did you not remember that I am  still with diarrhea?

Fast forward. We are at last home and I was able to rest my carcass in bed, very weak from vomiting, etc.  Later, you announced you were going out and you did.  You went drinking and when you came back you were with diarrhea again.  I was furious, and when confronted, you arrogantly said "In case it was not obvious, I would like to be alone".  At my prodding you admitted you were pissed off with me.  Why? 

You thought that I was 'acting' and was not feeling that bad, and only wanted to get your attention.  Same with my fuc**ng walking stick.  You thought that I really don't need the walking stick but was just out to get your attention.  Something's very wrong here.  Did I get extras for my 'acting'. like a car, extra allowance, etc.  NADA, ZERO.    Think hard, husband.  I hope your brain's not fired from too much drinking and antibiotics.

It's Me, Your Pissed-off Wife


This morning after, we're now okay.  You know me, I don't hold grudges and  I realized something.  Maybe subconsciously you look at me as your nurse and a nurse is not supposed to get sick and that pissed you off.  Yes.  One of the things that I was proud of is being as healthy as a carabao.  So from now on I would take good fu**ing care of myself, even if it means having you eat all the pineapples that you like, instead of me gobbling them so that you won't have to eat much of them.  I was afraid that pineapples don't mix good with your beer. I was afraid you'll have stomach ache so I gobbled the damned pineapples and that caused or htat was one of the causes of my fu**ing diarrhea.

I will have you carry your heavy back pack instead of me carrying two back packs, one  yours and one, my  own back pack.  I was so worried that you'll hurt your bad back so I was like a martyr carrying two fu**ing backpacks for the two of us.  That caused my knees to buckle at Puerto Galera last May and until now, I am still hobbling like an old woman with my fu**ing cane.  No more martyrdom for me.  I will take good fu**ing care of myself.

Letter to Someone I Want to Give a Second Chance To

Dear Former Employer,

I am grateful that until now we have open communications, and I could safely say that we are friends, although not as friends as...... real friends, you know.  While working with you I learned so many things as you were unselfish in training materials, and you spent money to have us trained by professionals as regards picture and video editing.   You also have all the latest gadgets in photography and video recording/editing.  You are my idol as regards promoting and marketing our products and services.  Our studio did so well when we were together....despite our individual differences.  You are the conservative type, although you flirt a lot, while I am the daring and bold type although I look meek and mild.  To me you were like Oprah.  What a team we made.  While you were away in vacation  I accepted 'daring' jobs like doing 'boudoir' photography and accepted videography of 'all-men' party in a 'closed' country - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!  Our studio was never wanting in jobs - photo or video services.  Sometimes I cried because I was sooo very very tired doing everything for the studio as I was alone doing everything - sales person, photographer, video recorder, photo editor, video editor, messenger, collector, cashier, janitress.  I worked from 8 AM to 10 PM with only 1 hour lunch break, and without overtime pay too!  However, you compensated with free lunches in five-star hotels if our studio did well. You also gave me a very nice aluminum camera case which until now I treasure. 

A photographer colleague was sent home for she was already too old plus she was becoming a burden to everyone, she was very wasteful, hypocritical  and arrogant too.  I was not sorry that her contract was not renewed,  A video recorder colleague's contract was not renewed too as she did not have the right attitude.  She was overly sensitive and always quarreled with the aforementioned photographer colleague.

I knew you were recruiting for two more employees to help me in the studio but there was a problem with getting  new visas.  I did not complain then, I am not complaining now, even if in my mind I labeled you as a slave-driver.  In fact I am thankful for the opportunity.  Because of these experiences, I have learned my limitations, realized  my potential.  When I left the studio three employees took my place!  You and I had plans of opening a studio in Dubai before, but I declined later as I found the love of my life who would not allow me to go back to work in any Muslim country. 

I miss working with you.  In fact, should you think of opening a studio, or any business, I am open for negotiation.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Letter to the one Who Broke my Heart the Hardest

Dear ____,

                                    Image from
I can't even mention your name as ours was a dangerous liaison.   You were already engaged  and I was in a loveless marriage when we met.   I guess I was a challenge to you as so many girls had a crush on you, while I ignored you.  I was so unhappy then,  and you with your wonderful heart,  thought it was your mission to put a smile on every woman's face.   You were very attractive to our office mates, but because I was drowning in my sorrows,  your charms did not work on me.  After almost two years though,    I had my weak moment and I gave in.  Our affair lasted for three months and I almost died when I ended it.  I knew we had no future.  I felt so bad seeing you broken-hearted, but I had to be strong.  We survived  it though,  and to this day, we have remained friends.  Thanks for the memories.

Are you recovering from an affair? You are not alone. This book will give you new leash in life, it's time for you to look at it objectively and move on:

If your life has been touched by an affair, whether you're the cheater or you've been cheated on, this is an incredibly wise and helpful book by someone with a LOT of experience helping people put their lives and marriages back together.
I want to say why this book is so good, but first I have to comment on Jillian C. "Qbridge"'s incredibly irresponsible review. Jillian has obviously not read the book, nor does she seem to have any experience actually helping people who are trying to deal with an affair, nor does she seem to be interested in helping people put their lives together after an affair. If she'd read the book, she'd have seen how Kirshenbaum clearly says you should not have an affair. But you do NOT help people who've been affected by an affair by labeling the cheater as "bad." Why would any wife want to heal her marriage if her husband is by definition "bad"? Does Jillian want every couple touched by an affair to get a divorce? Yes, the deed is a hurtful mistake, and Kirshenbaum goes to great lengths to show how, if there is going to be any hope of healing, the cheater has to show that he truly understands the pain and damage he's caused. That's the kind of thing in the REAL book, not Jillian's fantasy. It was careless and dishonest for Jillian to review the words of the title and not read or review the real book.
In reality, Kirshenbaum devotes many chapters to showing how to heal a marriage after it's been damaged by an affair, and this is the best help of its kind I've seen.
Another thing Kirshenbaum does that I've never seen before and is incredibly helpful is show that there are 17 different kinds of affairs. Each one grows out of a different need. Each one means something completely different. You can't know how to figure things out until you know why you or your partner had an affair in the first place. This is what a therapist would charge big bucks for, but you get it all in this book.
And Kirshenbaum has a lot of material on how to protect the kids and take them into account.
I've had a lot of experience helping people and couples deal with an affair, and I have to say this book will give everyday folk all the help they could need. The truth is that an affair is a turning point in people's lives. There's a lot to sort out. And a lot of anger and hurt. Kirshenbaum shows how to take all this into account and do what's best for everybody in
the end.

Reviewed by Dr. Susan

19 — Letter to Someone That Pesters My Mind—good or bad

Dear High School Classmates,

No, you don't pester my mind at all,  but I would like to write about some of you in this writing assignment.  It's the wonder of technology and the social networking website, Facebook,  which brought us all together. Of course, thanks to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, cell phones and of course phone cards which facilitated Sophie's calls from the U.S. and Charie's calls from Germany. 

Do you know I have been looking for all of you ever since I joined Facebook. (Needless to say, I did not have to look for Sophie, Lourdes and Charie as we've been in touch with each other even after high school and we've had our regular reunions in Manila and even in Saudi Arabia with Lourdes).   First, I found Jingh last year,  about August 2009, then I saw Kits at  Jingh's friends  list.   At Kit's friends list, I saw Dante.  I think I saw Mahong at Jingh's friends list too. Kits called me up over the phone and told me the happy news - her wedding in Canada.  Sophie encouraged Charie to join FB and phoned others too (all long distance calls from Chidago!). We connected with Luz in Legaspi City,  Lourdes in Saudi Arabia,  and Kits in Canada through FB too. Sophie called up Cesar Delfin and Joe Baliguat and we commununicate with them through their wive's email addresses.  Thanks so much Araceli and Sony!  I registered our  IHS group in Yahoo groups last   July 2010 and here we are now.
Jingh opened IHS in FB too.  Joe Bac joined Facebook Sept. 7, 2010 at James Carr's encouragement and with Joemel, his son's help. Joe Bac was so enthused about the reunion but unfortunately he passed away on October 19, 2010.  James Carr, Jingh, Welcvic and Gertrudez went to their place, condoled with the family and accompanied the family to Joe Bac's burial.  The rest of us sent money to the bereaved family, through Charie's niece, Rhea, who delivered the abuloy.  And speaking of the dead and the abuloy, before Joe Bac's demise, our group were also united in condoling with the death of  Rhodora's husband.   We thank Sophie for putting up our initial Reunion fund, to Charie and Dante for $ pledges, for Joe De los Angeles for delivering  the abuloy for Rhodora's husband and for Charie for facilitating the delivery of  abuloy to Joe Bac's family. 

We found Gilda through FB, and thanks to her son, Tony, our communication line is open.  Lorna was informed by Sophie as both are nurses in the U.S.  Jingh encouraged Jusimen and Ric and they joined our Yahoo group.   There are more but as of now, they don't have their email addresses or FB accounts yet.  Jingh and James Carr, etc. are coordinating with them.

Another milestone on Nov. 9:  Charie from Germany called up Welvic, while Sophie from the U.S. called up Marlon. How do I know?  We were at Skype too - in conference with James Carr, Sophie and Charie while they made their calls.  James Carr was a big help:  he obtained their cell phone numbers by going to the residences of these classmates, even Joe Bac's place.  Thank you, James Carr!

So many years passed, too many stories to tell.  We are all excited to see each other again...and until then I have to admit now, you pester my mind, he heeee.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

18 — Letter to the Person I Wish I Could be

Dear Perfect Me,

Is somebody like you alive?  You would have the sculpted body of Madonna without the bulging veins.  Hmmmn, why Madonna?  Because she and I have the same body type, if I don't eat much rice, cheesecake and chocolates, and If I work out at least two hours everyday!.  I could dream about having the body of  the current Miss Universe, but is sooooo stretching it, don't you think?

Yes, in ideal world, I could be as a good dancer as Madonna, maybe I could sing as good she does too.  But that is in ideal world, hehehe.  Come to think of it, my ideal person is Madonna.  I wish I know how to market myself as good as she does.  I wish I'm a genius like her who could max her abilities to make as much money as she could.

I prefer my love life over Madonna's right now, though.  And I would not trade my life experiences with anyone.

I love my friends, too and if I'd live my life again, I'd do the same things over and over again if that means I'd keep the friends that I have right now. 

Needless to say, I love my family, I love life and I am grateful to the Universe, I am grateful to God for all my gifts.

Dear Ideal Me, you don't need perfection at all.  Remember  that you were guided always by the faith in the Lord, and gratefulness in all He has done.  And remember:

What we are is God's gift to us.  What we become is our gift to God.  ~Eleanor Powell

16 — Letter to Someone That’s Not in my State/Country

Dear Prescy,

We've worked together in Saudi Arabia as videographer/photographer for almost two years and we became friends for life. 

Our Modir (studio maanger), Madame Mona tried hard to divide and conquer us but she did not succeed.  We had some usual  work conflicts like preferred placement of lights and other trivial disagreements but we worked as a team famously :)

We were so successful with our 'puga' (sneaking out)  because we helped each other - perfect teamwork as usual, lol.  (For those 'uninformed', going out alone in Saudi Arabia is not allowed with most employers unless a) you are married woman and you go out with your husband; b)  you are a man; c) you go out with a chaperon, usually the company driver, and only to buy your grocery needs for a week and for about an hour only.)   Prescy, we covered for each other, we sneaked out as often as possible and as often as we wanted, and woe to the other employees who envied our spunk and sisterhood!   Those were unforgettable, scary, thrilling and uniquely middle eastern experiences and I am lucky to have shared them with you. 

Prescy, you're still there in Saudi Arabia to work for your dreams.  I pray that they come true, for you  are a very wonderful person. I've never met anyone who is more hardworking than you, and you are a natural artist.  You took one of my favorite pictures of all time.  You have a photographer's eye, your patience is admirable and the big plus is that you are also a good businesswoman.  I wish all the best for you, my dear friend,  kapatid sa pananampalataya, my BFF.  Looking forward to our next reunion, sis.  Take care.


15 — Letter to the Person I Miss the Most

Dear Baby Jennifer,

Up to this day, I remember the things we did - when you are a baby, when you were a toddler, when you went to school - like these happened only yesterday.

In my mind I see you dancing in perfect beat  while I sing our songs - Ang Mga Baby, Ang Mga Bata, Jenipalay Girl, etc.  - songs with the same lyrics as the title from beginning to end (just like Mahal's song, Cutie cute cute). You were a rocker at birth, you always have a good ear for music.  You were a good dancer too. A very good sport too  for no matter how silly my songs and tunes were, you always danced to them with gusto.

You always laughed at my jokes however corny they were.  I guess you laughed with me more than you laughed at the jokes.  We  loved laughing, period.  I remember us rolling in laughter, our jaws hurting from prolonged laughing and always one of us will beg the other to stop, which in turn would elicit more laughter.

I miss  your baby version, that if I don't make an extra effort, I still see you as a baby especially when you are asleep.  It's true what they say that times flies so fast.  Babies become adults.  But you grew up so fast!

Not that I don't miss you at all now that you've grown up.  I miss you all the time, but as we've agreed with your biological Dad before and your new Dad now, you should be independent by the time you're 21 years old.  You have always lived up to our expectations and delivered some more surprises. We're so proud of you.

I love you Jenipalay girl,


Do you feel lonely now that your kids are all grown up? This might help you:
Feeling unsure? Scared? Expectant? Maybe even giddy? Is your nest empty--except for a bundle of mixed emotions? As you grieve what's behind and daydream about possibilities, you'll feel young again, ready for new challenges and adventures. Yet you may not know what to pursue or how to discover what's next. Many women in this season of life wonder: Who am I now? And what should I do? How will my marriage be affected? Does anyone need me? How do I relate to my children? Is it okay to feel sad? Or thrilled? What's next?

Barbara and Susan can be the friends you need to walk you through these new experiences. They'll guide you to answers, and together you'll discover a new purpose and passion for your next life adventure.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

14 — Letter to Someone I’ve Drifted Away From

Dear Someone Who Thinks I 've Drifted Away,

I don't remember having  drifted away from anyone.  If I am gone from the friendship or love relationship, I always make the closure.  If that someone does not know or does not recognize the closure, I am sorry that you are pig-headed.

There are reasons for parting ways:

1)  Distance brought about by change of residence, change of jobs or change of interests.  I always communicate, though - through letters or emails , text messages, phone calls, unless you have also caused me the next item.  

2) Disappointment.  I could be disappointed that you did me wrong like being dishonest with me, stealing from me or from my loved ones -  all the while pretending that you have the best intentions for me and my loved ones.  I  have loved you before but constant dishonesty and theft wear me down.  You who knows me, you whom I've loved and I've been fond of, you who I've been proud of.  I am at a loss how I could help you, but I also have to protect myself and my other loved ones from you. 

3)  Disgust.  You are disgusting as you covet what is rightfully mine.  You who always think that the grass is greener on the other side need counsel.  You might be sick inside your head.  Or if you are right in thinking that my grass is actually greener, you could make yours greener too by working on your own grass instead of attempting  to drive me out of my place so you could enjoy my grass!  As I said, I did not drift away from you.  I told you that I am not comfortable with you anymore and I am gone - our friendship is kaput.  Goodbye.

    Image from -

My middle name is Patience, but if tested too far and too frequently, I now know when to quit.  Goodbye.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Letter to Someone I Wish Could Forgive Me

Dear Bata,

I so wish that you have met your life partner by now.  It's been a long time since we've talked - - over the phone.  Yes, everything began and ended in a phone call.  Our 'relationship' is based on phone conversations anyway.    Your parents disapproved of me because 1)  We have different religions, 2)  I am married, and  to a Christian, although we've been separated when you and I met,  3) I have two daughters,  4) I am older than you,    5)  I am not from your country,  6)  Mentally and emotionally, you are a little slow, although you compensate with great understanding of me and generosity to me and my family.   So many obstacles but at that time (2002 ) you (and I sometimes thought too), that love conquers all.

I am sorry that our 'relationship' did not work out, it was doomed at the very beginning.   You kept calling me at my place of work during lunch breaks.  I knew you were so lonely and emotionally needy.  I thought I could be your 'surrogate' mom and I could offer you a shoulder to cry on. I do that to almost everyone who needs me, thinking that people would also do that to my daughters who were  far away from me then.  You were unstoppable with your romantic notions as regards our 'relationship' and told your parents about 'us'.  I admit that there was a time that it crossed my mind to throw caution to the wind and imagine living life with you.  I know it would be so difficult.   I know that more than ever now, it would be impossible.

I am sorry that you found it hard to forget me and move on.  You are a very generous, innocent and forgiving man.  I know that in your heart of hearts there is goodness and forgiveness no matter how much your family 'painted' me as a bad person.  I refused to communicate with you again over the phone or via email as I would like you to move on and find a suitable partner that your parents would approve.  I pray hard that you are happy where you are now.  God bless you.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

12 -Letter to the Person I Hate Most/Caused Me a Lot of Pain

Hello Toni,

For this writing assignment, I don't have any person in this category, 'Letter to the Person I Hate Most/Caused Me a Lot of Pain', but you are the most likely candidate, so I am addressing this to you.

I don't hate you that much, you did not really cause me lots of pain, as I mentioned above. We had a short relationship - about three months.  You lived in my house, paid me  for your board and lodging, too.  You insisted on it, you told me you would have paid the same amount had you stayed in a hotel or apartelle.  that was decent and generous of you.                                  

My pride was  hurt when you chose  my housemaid over me.  You denied having a relationship with her.  I could believe that, because a few hours of  tumbling in bed does not make a relationship.  And you may use the excuse of  the infamous former president "Oral Sex Is Not Intercourse".  And even you if preferred her for her youth and lithe body, your relationship did not have a chance, as she was afraid to go with you out of the country.  She was very afraid too of living with an old man by herself!  Did you not know that to a housemaid, flirting with and stealing  'Ma'am's' husband or partner is the ultimate   fantasy?  Did you not know that to an ambitious village girl, a foreigner is synonymous to dollars or Euros? 

You must have known that by now, even as you are now outside of the Philippines and living in Thailand.  You tried to come back to me, but I would not have you anymore.  It took me time to forgive you, and until now I can not forget what a jackass  you are.  Thai girls and women don't differ much from Filipinas.  No wonder that until now you are without a partner.  I know that you prefer young girls as you have this fantasy of having a sex slave.  Fat chance, old man.  Your other illusion is that my then eight year-old daughter  was in  love with you, and you even called her Lolita!  Your randiness is only exceeded by your ignorance.    Despite everything, I still wish you a nice life.

Thanks to for the image.

10 - Letter to Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I'd Like to

Dear Maria,

We're are practically neighbors yet we don't see each other at all.  I miss the days when you were just a text message away.  I miss our coffee and tete-a-tete almost everyday.  I miss the days when looking from our window, I could see you  playing scrabble with our young girl neighbors. We call them young girls because they have not reached forty years yet, and they looked like young girls with their svelte figures and carefree attitude.   Too bad that you transferred at the Sunset apartments and later one of the young girls that we befriended flirted with your husband.

                                                                                              Image from

I feel your pain;  I could also relate because one other young girl  flirted with my husband too.  Yesterday you sent me a text message while you were in the city having your chemotherapy.  Maria, it's sad to know that your cancer is acting up again.  And sadder still is that you suspect the girl who flirted with my husband as having  an affair with your husband now.  What to do, what to do........It must be so difficult to be sick and away from your loved one. I pray for your speedy and total  recovery.  I pray that these young girls don't seek 'greener pastures' in the arms of our husbands.   I miss you Maria.  I have not told you yet how this young girl flirted with my husband and how I was able put an end to it before it escalated to a fling or to an extramarital affair.  I wish so much I could help you now.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Answer to My Letter!

Surprise!  I received an answer to my "Letter to my Crush"

Here it is:

        I was thinking about last night at Sittin Bull, when I felt as relaxed as if I was laying on a cloud.  I wasn't doing or saying anything, just laying there like a slug, guzzling beer, but the time past so pleasantly.  For a moment I didn't know why, but then I realized it was because of you.  I feel comfortable just being near you, even when we don't have much to say.  I luxuriate in just being in your company.
       I guess the reason is that no one ever cared about me before.  In my entire life!  I've been telling you of my exploits, and they are not exaggerations.  In fact they're just the tip of the surface of the aloofness between myself and absolutely every other person in my sixty seven year life.  I appreciate you more than I've ever cared for any other person, or any other thing.
       I'm sorry if I haven't been a model husband.  I know I'm grouchy most of the time, but I just can't help myself. I'll try to do better, but please forgive me if I lose my grip some of the time.  Your happiness is very important to me, and I want to do all I can to assure it.  It's the objective of  my life, my love.
       Thank you for giving me your caring.

             With the deepest heartfelt ambition.

             Husband David

Thursday, September 23, 2010

11 - Letter to a Deceased Person I Wish I Could Talk To

Dear Lola Pia,

You are my father's mom, the person I was told I have lots of physical similarities.  They said that you look Japanese, as people tell me now too.  I say you are actually fairer, and with naturally wavy light brown hair and more fragile-looking for you were slimmer too.  You died  before I was  seven years old.
Lola Pia, leftmost, standing, 2nd row, when Lolo Itok died. I am the girl standing in front
I remember the times when you were with us for a short vacation after Lolo Itok died.  Nanay (my mom) and you did not get along well, although harmony was still maintained as you were so self effacing, albeit so sensitive too.  Nanay mocked you as you can't face anyone unless you've powdered your face.  Well, when Nanay got old she did the same too.  Nothing's wrong  with that.  In fact it's nice to smell old ladies with baby's talcum powder.  When I get old, I'll do short cut, I'll just splash on perfume, after shower of course :))

You always kissed us on both cheeks.  My brothers felt like princes and I a princess ( I was the only girl then)  when we visited you.  You offered us all the best that you had.  You taught me basic expressions in Spanish. You taught me how to count in Spanish; you taught me massage techniques so my tummy stays flat  and my breast and  nipples look up to the sky.  Until now, I do that after shower as you taught me.  Thanks you so much for taking the time to bond with me. 

I am sorry that sometimes I also mocked you as Nanay did behind your back.  I was insensitive and ignorant young girl.   I sometimes saw you crying after having an argument with Tiay Charing or with your other children.  They said that you were stubborn and disobedient to doctor's orders.  They were pissed off when your blood pressure was high.  I now understand how you were lonely then.  Your husband, Lolo Itok,  died years ahead of you and you  must have missed him.  He treated like a queen, he was your knight in shining armor.

Lola Pia, I would like to ask you why you were so fair;  if you have Chinese or Japanese blood, etc.  Because people ask me the same.  I would like to know how your parents were; how you played as a child, how many suitors you had; who's your favorite grandchild, etc.  I'd like to learn cooking from you,  would like to teach me more Spanish words, etc.  You were my loving Lola, with you I felt safe and loved.  Thank you for the memories, I wish we had longer time together.


10 - Letter to Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I’d Like To

Dear D,

I can't write your full name but I know once you've read this you know I am referring to you. You're an ex darling, us being together for six years while I was working in Saudi Arabia until 2004.   I am happy that there was a time we were Facebook buddies; that we used to write to each other; and you used to call me at home;  but I guessed when your wife learned about us she got jealous or pissed off so our communications stopped, and I was blocked in your FB account.  I understand, no explanation needed from you.  I am lucky that my husband is a good sport and he does not mind me communicating with you, and for us to call each other occasionally.  But that is history for now, as I don't like to aggravate your wife more.

Maybe someday we see each other again.   I invited you here in our place but you answered. "for what", meaning you'd rather that we meet in a place where we could be intimate.   You must understand that for me fidelity in marriage is the only way.

You always travel in Europe, Middle East and Asia for your businesses,  and whenever I am in an airport in the U.S. or in Asia, I sometimes wistfully think that we see each other so we could have a short reunion.   I miss our conversation during breakfast, lunch, dinner, or while one of us cooks, or while we watch TV together.  You are a funny guy and I enjoy listening to your adventures and misadventures. 

You are sorely missed.  Take care.


9 - Letter to Someone I Wish I Could Meet

9 - Dear Franz,

You are my dear friend Charrie's husband for about twenty five years (?) now.   I 've heard lots of good things about you.  You and Charrie raised wonderful children, and they are all good looking too.  Congratulations for a job well done.  Congratulations too for an almost perfect union, I say almost only because they say nothing's perfect in this world, but if you have the perfect union, a big CONGRATULATIONS!

I love the way Charrie has blossomed from a young promising girl  to a mature and confident woman. I love it that she has remained sweet, generous and forgiving. Charrie is a strong yet a gentle person. I could feel that your children love her so too.  You must have a very loving and happy household.

You're one of the persons I'd like to met someday - to thank you for taking good care of a dear friend; for you and my husband to know each other and become friends too.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

8 - Letter to Favorite Internet Friend

Dear Rorie,

I have lots of favorite internet friends and it was hard to decide whom to write to.    I chose you because you  communicate with me regularly, plus you are all praises with me. I am so flattered, but I also feel uneasy.

We got to know each other because we have a common internet friend - an Australian guy whom we both met through a matchmaking website.  He is now with a partner, also a Filipina.  I have no hard feelings there, I am happy with my partner too, my husband.  I hope that someday you will meet your Mr. Right too, or  for your current partner to be the Mr. Right..  

You leave uber nice comments on my Facebook pictures, that I deleted some of them. Your comments  make me blush;  sometimes you scare me. No, I am not rich, I am not famous, and I don't have perfect life.   Whatever I enjoy today, I worked hard for it.  I believe that if one has a dream, one should work until her dreams come true. I also believe that God is an ever loving father, and He'd like us to be happy.  I don't think of Him as a punitive parent who will punish me if I have sinned, for He is a forgiving God.  Rorie, we keep the faith and we charge onward to make our dreams come true.  I look forward for us to meet someday and for our friendship to flourish. 

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

7 Letter to Ex Husband

Dear Manuel,

Thanks for being the sperm donor, my daughters are the most beautiful daughters in the universe.  Jennifer and Jacqueline are  pretty -with fair and clear skin, thick hair and mestiza features, thanks to you.  They are now adopted by Dave and we all have the same surname, not yours but Dave's.  Because of their mestiza features, they pass as Dave's biological daughters too. 

I will keep this letter short as I don't like to write bad things about you.  You are already bitter and I won't add to your misery. 

I have already forgiven you.


6 - Letter to Stranger

Dear Stranger,

 I met you at the International Airport in Saudi Arabia.  You are a gentleman from Sri Lanka, wearing a dark suit and tie.  You were reading a newspaper and beside you was an attache case.  You look professional, so I chose to approach you.  I was scared of the airport inspector who checked my luggage.  He found a Swiss Army knife inside my luggage and he confiscated it.  I told him that I intended to give that to my dad as a gift. He feigned anger, and accused me of plotting a criminal act.  He and his cohorts made a big deal out of it.  He finally made a 'deal', motioned me to stand aside as he said he'd like to talk with me. I went past the inspection booth and waited at a spot where he directed me. Later the airport inspector  approached me and instructed me to go to the men's comfort room and wait for him inside.  I was so scared, I walked towards the men's comfort room and then detoured to the airport waiting lounge where you were seated.  I was thinking this is a public place and the a**hole would have to  drag me if he'd like to f*ck me inside the men's room.  I told you, kind stranger, of my predicament and you told me to sit beside you, as you will take care of it.  The airport inspector gave me the fishy eye and I stared back at him, daring him to make his move.  He was furious but he knew he was defeated and went back to his station.

Thank you dear stranger for being there at the right time and at the right place.

5 Letter to Dreams

Dear Dreams,

You are my best friend.  You were my companion as long as I could remember. I have several notebooks filed with my dreams, mostly my night dreams, and sometimes my daydreams.  I had a few nightmares too. In this  cyber age, I no longer keep notebooks, I keep an online diary with several entries detailing my dreams upon waking up. 

I learned how to interpret dreams during my darkest time.  I had bought several book of dreams, and learned how to decode not only  my nocturnal adventures but also of others.  I am proud to say that about 80 percent of  my interpretation, my dreams and that of others, are true be they are prophetic or only reflecting the dreamer's situation and problems.

Thank you dreams for giving me hope in my darkest hours.  You are a friend and through you I would  to give others hope in their times of despair. 

I communicate with the deceased through you, I communicate with elementals and other strange creatures through you.  Thank your for being the medium.  We will be forever friends.


Friday, September 17, 2010

4 - Letter to my Siblings - Sisters

Dear Jo,

It was  Christmas morning when you were born.  You were and still our best Christmas gift.  Everyone was happy.  I was five years old then, while Edwin and Cezar were eight and seven years old respectively.  Before you were born, I was the only girl.   Some people teased me that I am not the apple of  Tatay's eyes anymore, especially that you were a very pretty baby, and Nanay told everyone that you are "Baby Gina Lulubrigida'.

I was not threatened by your arrival as Tatay made me feel that I am the favorite child of all time, the most beautiful girl that ever walked on our planet, the smartest kid in the universe, etc.  Even as I know that I am not that superior of a human being, it made me feel good.  I did not suffer inferiority complex nor  did I become jealous of you.  Our five-year-gap made me protective of you.  I was proud of you as our parents and brothers are.  

Not only are you pretty but you have spunk.  I remember when we went on vacation to Manila,  (first time for you and Maritz, second time for me),  when you were only four years old.  Despite of the condescending attitude to us from our city relatives we did not feel inferior as they'd like us to feel.  Especially you.  Our boy neighbors teased you, started calling names because we have darker complexion.  I saw you  getting pissed off and you picked up pebbles from our grandmother's garden.  You threw pebbles at our bullying boy neighbors.  They reciprocated, and soon pebbles, stones and other toys rained on the garden on our side and up the porch on our neighbor's side.   I did not participate as it was Tatay's rule with us children to fight our own battles - that older or younger children allow a sibling to prove himself worthy to his/her opponent and nobody shall interfere unless the fight became violent.   It was you against the two boys who were older than you.  Of course our aunts and our grandmother were angry at us, for it never happened before:  it was a peaceful neighborhood until we came, they claimed!  In my mind  I was thinking  it was only peaceful because they allowed the neighbors to bully them. 

Lola with Maritz, Jo, Joseph and I

I really loved to play house with you and Maritz even when I was already in high school.  My friends teased me about it, but every time we had the opportunity, we played with rag dolls, paper dolls, or cheap plastic dolls.  We also played priest ((priestess?) when we  incorporated food in our games.  We used the food, usually thinly-sliced ripe guavas, as the 'host' in receiving 'holy communion'.   We did not have enough time together as I was left in Manila to study.  The little time we had during my vacation in our province were memorable, because of the food we shared - unripe papaya, sugar cane sticks, etc.  When you went for a vacation to Manila, I already finished college, was working in a construction company and was considered a  'rebel'.  How dare I became bold enough to have a boyfriend, our grandmother and aunts were outraged!  You cried, you worried that I'd run away during one of my confrontations with Nanay.  You told me to please stay.  

We attended your wedding in Iloilo and how sweet of you that until now you kept my gift of red house dress for you, even as it's so well worn already.  

You are an ideal wife to Franco and ideal mother to three well-disciplined boys, who are all taller than you now.    You are so generous of your time and material gifts.  Thank you so much.  You are a fighter as always but you remained so sweet to us your siblings.

Even now Jo, we don't really have enough time together.  You are busy with your family in Iloilo and I am busy with mine.  My dream is that someday, the three of us sisters would have time alone and just enjoy being sisters, that we don't have to worry about our husband and children left in the house by themselves. 

Be reminded always Jo, that I am here for you. 

Your loving sister,

Dear Maritz,

You are our youngest sister, and  you were so lovable a baby.  People said you were "the fairest of them all", "anak ng prayle", "bata sang Kano", etc.  Even now, you have very light and  pinkish skin tone and light brown hair which you dye very dark brown, it looks black,  (while I have jet black hair which I  dye light brown, hayz).  Even as a baby your laughter roared, a little unusual for so small and skinny baby.    You were so fond of grabbing asses and crotches; it was your way of teasing.   You talked non-stop even as you communicated using only one letter word - A.

In our place, one's value is always associated with physical appearances and you and Jo were the 'beauty queens'.  With your fair skin and Hispanic looks, you were the local Miss Spain during the Miss Universe contest when Miss Amparo Munoz represented Spain.  You were only 11 years old then, and it was the first time that our local folks were able to enjoy the color TV that was left by the sales representative in our house.  When she won,  her victory was like your victory and all our kababaryo rejoiced for Ms. Amparo Munoz and for you. 

When we are together, and also with Jo, nobody could tell we are sisters, especially today.  It's strange that  we don't have much physical similarities, even as we have the same mother and father! Some people  said that you and Jo were the beauties of the family, while I had the brains.  That's not true.  You have beauty and brains, although you were a 'lil bit of a late bloomer.  Jo, who is always declared a great beauty,   proved to have lots of common sense outweighing high academic grades that I boasted when I was young.  With the Filipino standard, I may not be a beauty, but I have proven that outside of the Philippines my dark complexion and small nose are not at all beauty flaws.  So, may I safely say that we three sisters may look different but we are all beauties, as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.  
                                            From left:  Maritz, Jo and I

(Dear gentle readers, I'm sorry we're so anal about beauty and physical appearance.  Nanay,  our mom, placed great emphasis on our looks.  We sisters lived and 'die' according to Nanay's perception of beauty.  Like other Asians, Nanay preferred fair skin  over dark or brown skin.  Aquiline or 'high' nose is better than flat or small nose, etc.  I was always described as the "intelligent one" while my sisters were the "pretty one", "the fair one".)

Maritz, you are the epitome of a modern woman - you had good academic gradesyou have street smarts, lots of commons sense, and sophistication beyond your chronological years.   You have conquered your fears, you know your strengths.  Whenever my daughters consult me about job strategies or social skills,  I give them advice and always add, "think how Tita Maritz will react to such a situation".

I am proud of your accomplishments and I wish you all the best this world could offer.  

Your loving sister,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3 - Letter to my Parents

Dearest 'Nay and 'Tay,

                                         (From Art Freebees Site (

'Nay, I am happy that you are reunited with Tatay and Cezar  in heaven.   Last August 26th, your first death anniversary,  we offered mass for you.    We three sisters, Jo, Maritz and I  even had our reunion, with Jo coming from the south, 45 minutes airplane ride plus 3 hour bus trip.  It was three hours bus ride with Maritz too.  It was also the first time that they visited me here in our new place. 

You will be happy to know too that  we have open and instant communications at Facebook with Edwin's daughters, Michelle and Neca just this week.    How fast time flies.  All your grandchildren are now in their teens and four are in their early twenties!  Jennifer (my daughter), Francis (Jo's son)  and Michelle (Edwin's daughter), all 23 years old,  have jobs already.  I am so proud of Jennifer who is now a team leader of their group.  Yes, she is still finishing her college education, but I have no doubt that she will be able to finish her course in less than 2 years time.  Diana (Maritz's daughter)  will be graduating this year and will proceed to take up Law.  I hope that we, your children  will be good example to your grandchildren.  I hope that we will be able to inculcate in them honesty, independence, the value of hard work, responsibility,  loyalty and pride and joy in each others' achievements, instead of bitter rivalry and intrigue mongering as was the case with other relatives.

I am so proud of Jo, Maritz and Edwin for bringing up good children.  Your grandchildren know the value of education, and each one of them work to realize their dreams. 

I had a colorful childhood experiences while with you and when you left me with relatives.  That's because I pride myself of being Tatay's daughter - courageous, independent, strong, and with a mind of my own.  They called me a rebel and a stubborn child.  They made fun of me, they gossiped about me, but I retained my self respect because you have pounded that on us, your children.     I made mistakes, I suffered the consequences.  May I quote from Invictus, "My head is bloody, but unbowed". 

'Nay and 'Tay, I will try to have your sense of humor as I grow old. I will always remember our shared jokes and laughter.   'Tay, in your macho way,  you loved us your children equally, we felt your love and we are stronger for it.  'Nay, you and Tatay were not so demonstrative of your affections but maybe that made us stronger.  Maybe next year, we your children  will have a family reunion and we will make sure that your grandchildren know your greatness.   You will be forever be in our hearts.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2 of the Curriculum - Letter to my Crush

My darling sweetheart,

You are my greatest crush, and you are also my husband. I thank God that you are both and we are together always and forever. 

Thanks for the wonderful dinner tonight at the Sit-n-Bull with our daughter, Jackie.  You adopted my  two daughters, Jenn and Jackie.  Yesterday you and Jackie were interviewed for the 2nd time at  the American Embassy and this time, Jackie's U.S. tourist visa was approved.  Thank you my sweetheart for working hard for it.  I remember the first time when Jenn and Jackie's U.S. tourist visas were denied and you were more disappointed than anyone of us.  Earlier you were planning  for Jenn to apply again for the tourist visa and I dismissed your idea.  I am so sorry for being so curt:  you and I agreed that Jenn's circumstances are different from Jackie's, and I don't think that Jenn is ready again to face the American consul at the embassy. 

Thanks for the promise of making it up to me - after hearing my tales of woes with my ex and  my sad childhood experiences for the nth time.  You felt sorry for me and with your magnanimous heart promised me for the nth time  that you'll make my life happy, and never again will I have those sad experiences; that never again will I kowtow to anyone in order to get a job, and never again will I worry about where to get the money to pay for the apartment rent, etc.. 

You know that even without those promises I love to be with you, I enjoy your company and I will always take care of you because I fell in love with you the first time I've set my eyes on you.  To me you are the most good looking man ever, the best husband ever, the greatest love of my life.  I promise never again will I snarl at you, never again will I shout your name when I am trying to call your attention - because you prefer that I call out 'husband' instead of your name.  (I can't promise not to shout, though).   Never again will I take it against you if you steal my thunder while I am cooking. You are a good cook, like I am too, but too many chefs spoil the broth....  I will learn more about proof reading so that  I will be able to help you with your writing.  I will research for you things that you need enlightenment.  I will never tell anyone anything negative about you, but I will never tell the female of the species the things that I so admire about you - because I was burned several times already.   Some of my friends had a crush on you not only because of your good looks, but also because I was gushy  when I  told them how beautiful your heart is and how generous  your spirit is.  You know that I hate rivals for your love. 

Now I have to end this so we could sleep together for a longer time instead of me staying out of our bedroom and coming back at around 4 AM because I read mystery novels when I can't sleep or edit pictures or write a blog entry such as this. 

Good night my darling, let's have sweet dreams together.

I love you,

Letters from the Heart

 Dear Ms. Angie,

Thanks so much  Ms. Angie for inspiring me to write these kind of letters.  You are my blog buddy and you are the first one to give me my blog award.  Thank you for being one of the first friends to welcome me in blog world.

You are so beautiful inside and out and I wish that you be happy always and you will forever be the sweet person that you are.  You always write from your heart and you inspire me so much with your creative chaos. I remember your blog entries with these kind of letters and tonight I feel inspired to write my letters too.    I visited your blog just now  and read you have invitation for The Curriculum.  Wonder of wonders, your first topic is a letter to your best friend, and so this is for you. Although later I will write letters to my childlhood best friends too.   And actually before I  was done writing this for you, before I saw your curriculum, I also started the letter to my hubby - why yes, he is still my crush.  And I will write also about my ex crushes later, lol. I may not be following your curriculum exactly, but that will be my guide.

For acknowledgments, let me just copy and paste from your entry:

30 Letters

I saw this on sweet Leona's blog Cuppycake Lies, and thought it was really really cool.  So to get back into blogging regularly, I think I'll participate, though I'm a bit behind her.

Credit goes to the blog Sleeping With Lions for this.

I also figured this would be fun, it's like 30 days of Dear So & So, which seems to be the favorite of most of you guys.  So enjoy!

The Curriculum:
day 1 — your best friend
day 2 — your crush
day 3 — your parents
day 4 — your sibling (or closest relative)
day 5 — your dreams
day 6 — a stranger
day 7 — your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
day 8 — your favorite internet friend
day 9 — someone you wish you could meet
day 10 — someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
day 11 — a deceased person you wish you could talk to
day 12 — the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
day 13 — someone you wish could forgive you
day 14 — someone you’ve drifted away from
day 15 — the person you miss the most
day 16 — someone that’s not in your state/country
day 17 — someone from your childhood
day 18 — the person that you wish you could be
day 19 — someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
day 20 — the one that broke your heart the hardest
day 21 — someone you judged by their first impression
day 22 — someone you want to give a second chance to
day 23 — the last person you kissed
day 24 — the person that gave you your favorite memory
day 25 — the person you know that is going through the worst of times
day 26 — the last person you made a pinky promise to
day 27 — the friendliest person you knew for only one day
day 28 — someone that changed your life
day 29 — the person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
day 30 — your reflection in the mirror

Starting tomorrow, who else wants to play?"

So I am playing too, Ms. Angie.   Take care and God bless always.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Desperate Ways to End a Relationship

We were with our friends last night at Sit-n-Bull Restaurant and bar when I asked our male friend what happened to his ex girlfriend.  (He has a new girlfriend now, actually another ex, but is now the current).   With this male friend of ours, let's call him Bill to protect the innocent, he always reconciles with his ex.  I mean after one of his ex eloped with a tomboy, he and the ex gf reconciled after the tomboy affair finished.  They had  on and off relationship in a span of 12 years!  He is the type of guy who forgives and forgets.  But this last time of breaking up, he assured us there will be no more reconciliation. What made him decide that?  The ex girlfriend tried extortion!  She took away his passport, his car registration and would not return them unless he pays her  money!  He gave her money, but not the full amount.  She needed the cash desperately.  He used to hep her and her family financially but she pisses them away drinking with her tomboy buddies.  The last goof-up was the last straw the broke the camel's back.  That sealed the break up.  For good.

I remember my husband's ex 'girlfriend' then...although he did not call her 'girlfriend'.   She was one of the four  regular f**k buddies he had before we met.  He's bad, ain't he.  Not really, as almost all of these girls are bar girls and they do sex for money.  I told him that if he's serious about our relationship, he should get rid of his f**k  buddies.  He did.  He informed them he'd moved out of his rented apartment in Angeles, Pampanga and transfer to Makati where I used to work as a call center agent.  No more business with the bar girls.  One of the girls who always got extra money from him called him, continued asking for money for her special needs - imaginary illnesses, milk for the baby (not his baby), rent for her room, etc.   I disapproved of that.  It's obvious that she would get as much money from him and would like to continue their 'relationship'.  I told my sweetheart to change his cell phone number so she would not be able to disturb him by her constant calls and SMS messages.  She is resourceful, though.  She was able to get his email address and the new cell phone number from his other male friends.  She kept calling, emailing him.  My sweetheart who has a soft spot for the needy kept sending her money.  I was furious.  I gave him an ultimatum, to stop communicating with her or I am gone.  He told her about this, and her response?  She will be gone for good from his life if he pays her P10,000  (about $217.00 in today's exchange rate) in cash.  My sweetheart smartened up.  She was gone with the wind from his life before you could say Gotcha! 

Fast way to end a relationship, whatever kind of relationship, right?  Here are more  tried-and-true desperate ways to end a relationship. 

1)  Flirt with their relatives - brother, sister, parent, and actually cheat on him/her.
2)  Become pregnant with another man's child if you are a woman, and if you're a man, impregnate another woman. .
3)  If you are a wife or a husband, gamble away his/her money, pawn your house and other properties and actually lose them.
4)  Use  illegal drugs and spend your partners money as fast as you could. 
5)  Blackmail your partner with your sex video tape while you two are making out.  If she/he does not pay, sell them or upload them in youtube for everyone to view and enjoy. 

Could you think of more?