Friday, December 3, 2010

Letter to Someone That Changed My Life

Dear Sweetheart,

You have changed my life, you are the greatest thing that happened in my life.  my life, my daughters' lives are transformed for the better because of you.

No matter how much and how frequent we squabble, we both know that we are "together for the duration" - your words.  Also, I love the way we thresh out our problems.  We are both stubborn, we are both opinionated, yet we find a way to compromise and resume our happiness.  I thank God always that we are here for each other.  I don't like to be mushy now, but you know how much I love you.  God bless you my darling and take care always.


 How do you keep the love alive?  This book will help you:  
Marriage starts with being totally enthralled with the most amazing man you've ever met. Then ... life happens. Kids, bills, illness, family issues, not to mention stubble, belching, and raggedy underwear. You love your husband, but you don't always LIKE him. The Husband Project is for us, women who have fallen into a comfortable marriage routine, meaning "you don't bug me and I don't bug you." This book offers hope that there's more to marriage than just a lukewarm partnership stuck in neutral; in just 21 days you can jump start your marriage. Kathi Lipp's writing is clear, real, and hilarious as she challenges you to put your marriage on "project status" and shows you how to work her plan with very little effort and lots of results. The book also offers lots of practical info, such as a list of great guy movies, man-pleasing recipes, and "The Real Woman's Guide to Lingerie Shopping." If "a simple word can renew hope (Lois Rabey)" then this fun and friendly book can help you renew your marriage. It's like a kick in the pants from a wise and wonderful best friend, and Lord knows we all need that from time to time!
Review by  Susy Flory (Bay Area, California)


  1. Hello Malou, how have you been? I have missed you! No new posts yet? :) :)

    I like this sweet letter, nice to read on Valentine's Day! :) And SUCH a stark contrast to the other vehemently devilish ones I've read here! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! :)

    Today on Valentine's Day, I'm revealing my new novella, and I hope that you will be able to support me and purchase a copy when it's available for ordering! :)

    Happy Valentine's Day, Malou! To you and to the love of your life! :) :)


  2. C, I will wait for your new Novella. Will promote that in my site too.


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