Friday, December 3, 2010

Letter to the Friendliest Person I Knew for Only One Day

Dear Sister,

We met at the dentist's office in Angeles, Pampanga.  I was with my usually grumpy hubby who has an aching  tooth problem.  I gave you a candy and we had instant friendship.  You were curious about the intercultural relationship.  I told you that it's basically the same, whatever the color of the skin -  it's the ability to communicate and the willingness to communicate that counts.  I gave you my business card in the hope that we could exchange emails but I have not received an email from you....maybe you've lost the card or you have no time, etc.  Not a problem.  I'd just like you to know that I had a wonderful time with our small chit-chat and I hope that everything's well with you.  You are like an innocent girl,  full of wonder of the people and relationships around you.  You also reminded  me of another nun whom I'd met in Bacolod before.  I was young, just graduated from college and 'banished'  to the province because my grandma and aunts did not approve of me having a boyfriend.  I poured my heart out to that nun while waiting  to be interviewed by the school's principal. I was applying for a school librarian position.  Later I was called to report  for work but I was back in  Manila where I'd always wanted to be - but I am rambling already.  My point is that nuns/sisters like you are always good to be around.  You are always so selfless to share your time and prayers.  I pray for your happiness too.  I pray for your health and I pray that more and more people be like you who is always wanting love and peace and happiness for everyone.  God bless you much, may your tribe increase (how?).


 This book is an entertaining read:
I found looking into the life of a nun to be very interesting. Sister Mary Jane takes you from her childhood through 60 years of living her faith. And not everything is as it appears. Like the cover of her book, the more you look at it, the more you see: an adobe building, crosses, a shadow of a nun with her hands folded in prayer and her veil being lifted as if she is a bride (a bride of Christ), and a vague image of Christ on the Cross appearing in the gated doorway. Sister Mary Jane lets you know that her vocation is to serve God as a nun, but she also lets you know that she is just as human as everyone else. I'd have to say, she is a very special person.

Review by:  
Kim Elder (Lakewood, OH USA)

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