Monday, November 29, 2010

Letter to the Person I Know is Going Through the Worst of Times

Dear Lorie,

You're in Germany right now with your sick husband who is waiting for a kidney donor.  I feel your pain.  You are torn between loyalty to your new foreigner husband and your Filipino children.  You have to be there for your sick husband at this time. I know you always worry for your children here who are almost without a guardian most of the times.  You cannot trust anyone completely and no one has enough time for your children.  Even your own mother would not be able to fill in your role for your children - who are mostly  in their teens now. Them being at this age is already a probable bomb, and on top of that, it is the first time for you and them to be far from each other.   And much could be said on the parenting skills of  your 62 year-old mother who has a 36 years-old lover!.  Again, Lorie,  I feel your pain.  


I cannot help you much.  I tried helping your eldest daughter on her school lessons, but really,  she is in the wrong course.  I hope that she and you realize that,  and the sooner the better.  Let me tell you this.  There's nothing wrong with a vocational two-year course.  What's wrong is making a square peg fit into the round hole, OMG.  I will not comment on other small personal  stuff.  You have already a handful and I don't want to add to it.

I would like you to know that you and your children, your husband too,  are included in my prayers. I am a wife and a mother like you, and I wish that husbands be healthy,  wealthy and generous;  and children be fit and strong smart;  and wives like us,   be patient, kind, affectionate and understanding and wise beyond our years.

Be strong, Lorie.

God bless.


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