Sunday, November 28, 2010

Letter to Someone I Want to Give a Second Chance To

Dear Former Employer,

I am grateful that until now we have open communications, and I could safely say that we are friends, although not as friends as...... real friends, you know.  While working with you I learned so many things as you were unselfish in training materials, and you spent money to have us trained by professionals as regards picture and video editing.   You also have all the latest gadgets in photography and video recording/editing.  You are my idol as regards promoting and marketing our products and services.  Our studio did so well when we were together....despite our individual differences.  You are the conservative type, although you flirt a lot, while I am the daring and bold type although I look meek and mild.  To me you were like Oprah.  What a team we made.  While you were away in vacation  I accepted 'daring' jobs like doing 'boudoir' photography and accepted videography of 'all-men' party in a 'closed' country - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!  Our studio was never wanting in jobs - photo or video services.  Sometimes I cried because I was sooo very very tired doing everything for the studio as I was alone doing everything - sales person, photographer, video recorder, photo editor, video editor, messenger, collector, cashier, janitress.  I worked from 8 AM to 10 PM with only 1 hour lunch break, and without overtime pay too!  However, you compensated with free lunches in five-star hotels if our studio did well. You also gave me a very nice aluminum camera case which until now I treasure. 

A photographer colleague was sent home for she was already too old plus she was becoming a burden to everyone, she was very wasteful, hypocritical  and arrogant too.  I was not sorry that her contract was not renewed,  A video recorder colleague's contract was not renewed too as she did not have the right attitude.  She was overly sensitive and always quarreled with the aforementioned photographer colleague.

I knew you were recruiting for two more employees to help me in the studio but there was a problem with getting  new visas.  I did not complain then, I am not complaining now, even if in my mind I labeled you as a slave-driver.  In fact I am thankful for the opportunity.  Because of these experiences, I have learned my limitations, realized  my potential.  When I left the studio three employees took my place!  You and I had plans of opening a studio in Dubai before, but I declined later as I found the love of my life who would not allow me to go back to work in any Muslim country. 

I miss working with you.  In fact, should you think of opening a studio, or any business, I am open for negotiation.

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