Tuesday, November 16, 2010

19 — Letter to Someone That Pesters My Mind—good or bad

Dear High School Classmates,

No, you don't pester my mind at all,  but I would like to write about some of you in this writing assignment.  It's the wonder of technology and the social networking website, Facebook,  which brought us all together. Of course, thanks to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, cell phones and of course phone cards which facilitated Sophie's calls from the U.S. and Charie's calls from Germany. 

Do you know I have been looking for all of you ever since I joined Facebook. (Needless to say, I did not have to look for Sophie, Lourdes and Charie as we've been in touch with each other even after high school and we've had our regular reunions in Manila and even in Saudi Arabia with Lourdes).   First, I found Jingh last year,  about August 2009, then I saw Kits at  Jingh's friends  list.   At Kit's friends list, I saw Dante.  I think I saw Mahong at Jingh's friends list too. Kits called me up over the phone and told me the happy news - her wedding in Canada.  Sophie encouraged Charie to join FB and phoned others too (all long distance calls from Chidago!). We connected with Luz in Legaspi City,  Lourdes in Saudi Arabia,  and Kits in Canada through FB too. Sophie called up Cesar Delfin and Joe Baliguat and we commununicate with them through their wive's email addresses.  Thanks so much Araceli and Sony!  I registered our  IHS group in Yahoo groups last   July 2010 and here we are now.
Jingh opened IHS in FB too.  Joe Bac joined Facebook Sept. 7, 2010 at James Carr's encouragement and with Joemel, his son's help. Joe Bac was so enthused about the reunion but unfortunately he passed away on October 19, 2010.  James Carr, Jingh, Welcvic and Gertrudez went to their place, condoled with the family and accompanied the family to Joe Bac's burial.  The rest of us sent money to the bereaved family, through Charie's niece, Rhea, who delivered the abuloy.  And speaking of the dead and the abuloy, before Joe Bac's demise, our group were also united in condoling with the death of  Rhodora's husband.   We thank Sophie for putting up our initial Reunion fund, to Charie and Dante for $ pledges, for Joe De los Angeles for delivering  the abuloy for Rhodora's husband and for Charie for facilitating the delivery of  abuloy to Joe Bac's family. 

We found Gilda through FB, and thanks to her son, Tony, our communication line is open.  Lorna was informed by Sophie as both are nurses in the U.S.  Jingh encouraged Jusimen and Ric and they joined our Yahoo group.   There are more but as of now, they don't have their email addresses or FB accounts yet.  Jingh and James Carr, etc. are coordinating with them.

Another milestone on Nov. 9:  Charie from Germany called up Welvic, while Sophie from the U.S. called up Marlon. How do I know?  We were at Skype too - in conference with James Carr, Sophie and Charie while they made their calls.  James Carr was a big help:  he obtained their cell phone numbers by going to the residences of these classmates, even Joe Bac's place.  Thank you, James Carr!

So many years passed, too many stories to tell.  We are all excited to see each other again...and until then I have to admit now, you pester my mind, he heeee.

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