Wednesday, November 3, 2010

16 — Letter to Someone That’s Not in my State/Country

Dear Prescy,

We've worked together in Saudi Arabia as videographer/photographer for almost two years and we became friends for life. 

Our Modir (studio maanger), Madame Mona tried hard to divide and conquer us but she did not succeed.  We had some usual  work conflicts like preferred placement of lights and other trivial disagreements but we worked as a team famously :)

We were so successful with our 'puga' (sneaking out)  because we helped each other - perfect teamwork as usual, lol.  (For those 'uninformed', going out alone in Saudi Arabia is not allowed with most employers unless a) you are married woman and you go out with your husband; b)  you are a man; c) you go out with a chaperon, usually the company driver, and only to buy your grocery needs for a week and for about an hour only.)   Prescy, we covered for each other, we sneaked out as often as possible and as often as we wanted, and woe to the other employees who envied our spunk and sisterhood!   Those were unforgettable, scary, thrilling and uniquely middle eastern experiences and I am lucky to have shared them with you. 

Prescy, you're still there in Saudi Arabia to work for your dreams.  I pray that they come true, for you  are a very wonderful person. I've never met anyone who is more hardworking than you, and you are a natural artist.  You took one of my favorite pictures of all time.  You have a photographer's eye, your patience is admirable and the big plus is that you are also a good businesswoman.  I wish all the best for you, my dear friend,  kapatid sa pananampalataya, my BFF.  Looking forward to our next reunion, sis.  Take care.


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