Tuesday, October 26, 2010

12 -Letter to the Person I Hate Most/Caused Me a Lot of Pain

Hello Toni,

For this writing assignment, I don't have any person in this category, 'Letter to the Person I Hate Most/Caused Me a Lot of Pain', but you are the most likely candidate, so I am addressing this to you.

I don't hate you that much, you did not really cause me lots of pain, as I mentioned above. We had a short relationship - about three months.  You lived in my house, paid me  for your board and lodging, too.  You insisted on it, you told me you would have paid the same amount had you stayed in a hotel or apartelle.  that was decent and generous of you.                                  

My pride was  hurt when you chose  my housemaid over me.  You denied having a relationship with her.  I could believe that, because a few hours of  tumbling in bed does not make a relationship.  And you may use the excuse of  the infamous former president "Oral Sex Is Not Intercourse".  And even you if preferred her for her youth and lithe body, your relationship did not have a chance, as she was afraid to go with you out of the country.  She was very afraid too of living with an old man by herself!  Did you not know that to a housemaid, flirting with and stealing  'Ma'am's' husband or partner is the ultimate   fantasy?  Did you not know that to an ambitious village girl, a foreigner is synonymous to dollars or Euros? 

You must have known that by now, even as you are now outside of the Philippines and living in Thailand.  You tried to come back to me, but I would not have you anymore.  It took me time to forgive you, and until now I can not forget what a jackass  you are.  Thai girls and women don't differ much from Filipinas.  No wonder that until now you are without a partner.  I know that you prefer young girls as you have this fantasy of having a sex slave.  Fat chance, old man.  Your other illusion is that my then eight year-old daughter  was in  love with you, and you even called her Lolita!  Your randiness is only exceeded by your ignorance.    Despite everything, I still wish you a nice life.

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