Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 - Letter to Someone I Don’t Talk to as Much as I'd Like to

Dear Maria,

We're are practically neighbors yet we don't see each other at all.  I miss the days when you were just a text message away.  I miss our coffee and tete-a-tete almost everyday.  I miss the days when looking from our window, I could see you  playing scrabble with our young girl neighbors. We call them young girls because they have not reached forty years yet, and they looked like young girls with their svelte figures and carefree attitude.   Too bad that you transferred at the Sunset apartments and later one of the young girls that we befriended flirted with your husband.

                                                                                              Image from www.weheartit.com.

I feel your pain;  I could also relate because one other young girl  flirted with my husband too.  Yesterday you sent me a text message while you were in the city having your chemotherapy.  Maria, it's sad to know that your cancer is acting up again.  And sadder still is that you suspect the girl who flirted with my husband as having  an affair with your husband now.  What to do, what to do........It must be so difficult to be sick and away from your loved one. I pray for your speedy and total  recovery.  I pray that these young girls don't seek 'greener pastures' in the arms of our husbands.   I miss you Maria.  I have not told you yet how this young girl flirted with my husband and how I was able put an end to it before it escalated to a fling or to an extramarital affair.  I wish so much I could help you now.

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