Saturday, September 4, 2010

Letters from the Heart

 Dear Ms. Angie,

Thanks so much  Ms. Angie for inspiring me to write these kind of letters.  You are my blog buddy and you are the first one to give me my blog award.  Thank you for being one of the first friends to welcome me in blog world.

You are so beautiful inside and out and I wish that you be happy always and you will forever be the sweet person that you are.  You always write from your heart and you inspire me so much with your creative chaos. I remember your blog entries with these kind of letters and tonight I feel inspired to write my letters too.    I visited your blog just now  and read you have invitation for The Curriculum.  Wonder of wonders, your first topic is a letter to your best friend, and so this is for you. Although later I will write letters to my childlhood best friends too.   And actually before I  was done writing this for you, before I saw your curriculum, I also started the letter to my hubby - why yes, he is still my crush.  And I will write also about my ex crushes later, lol. I may not be following your curriculum exactly, but that will be my guide.

For acknowledgments, let me just copy and paste from your entry:

30 Letters

I saw this on sweet Leona's blog Cuppycake Lies, and thought it was really really cool.  So to get back into blogging regularly, I think I'll participate, though I'm a bit behind her.

Credit goes to the blog Sleeping With Lions for this.

I also figured this would be fun, it's like 30 days of Dear So & So, which seems to be the favorite of most of you guys.  So enjoy!

The Curriculum:
day 1 — your best friend
day 2 — your crush
day 3 — your parents
day 4 — your sibling (or closest relative)
day 5 — your dreams
day 6 — a stranger
day 7 — your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
day 8 — your favorite internet friend
day 9 — someone you wish you could meet
day 10 — someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to
day 11 — a deceased person you wish you could talk to
day 12 — the person you hate most/caused you a lot of pain
day 13 — someone you wish could forgive you
day 14 — someone you’ve drifted away from
day 15 — the person you miss the most
day 16 — someone that’s not in your state/country
day 17 — someone from your childhood
day 18 — the person that you wish you could be
day 19 — someone that pesters your mind—good or bad
day 20 — the one that broke your heart the hardest
day 21 — someone you judged by their first impression
day 22 — someone you want to give a second chance to
day 23 — the last person you kissed
day 24 — the person that gave you your favorite memory
day 25 — the person you know that is going through the worst of times
day 26 — the last person you made a pinky promise to
day 27 — the friendliest person you knew for only one day
day 28 — someone that changed your life
day 29 — the person that you want tell everything to, but too afraid to
day 30 — your reflection in the mirror

Starting tomorrow, who else wants to play?"

So I am playing too, Ms. Angie.   Take care and God bless always.



  1. hhhmmmm..... do believe that I have given you a blog award, in the past, now haven't I?? :)

    That picture is so cute! That tiny little letter! :)

    I am not so sure if I understand what this "game" is about now... hmmmm...... :)

  2. C, thanks. I am so bad, I had this inertia that was so hard to shake. I don't remember the award or I would have posted it, but I will search on your site....sorry if I was not able to appreciate nor acknowledge it, I have lots of catching up to do. Thanks so much for dropping by, really appreciate it.

  3. C, that cute picture was grabbed from Ms. Angie, along with her entry.....I am bad......

  4. Oh hi (: I see you're participating in the challenge, too! Well, all the best, and good luck~


  5. Thanks Leona, and thanks for stopping by. I don't do it day to day as you guys do, I also started late, but I will finish this in my own pace. I know I am not following rules, hehehe.


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