Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 3 - Letter to my Parents

Dearest 'Nay and 'Tay,

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'Nay, I am happy that you are reunited with Tatay and Cezar  in heaven.   Last August 26th, your first death anniversary,  we offered mass for you.    We three sisters, Jo, Maritz and I  even had our reunion, with Jo coming from the south, 45 minutes airplane ride plus 3 hour bus trip.  It was three hours bus ride with Maritz too.  It was also the first time that they visited me here in our new place. 

You will be happy to know too that  we have open and instant communications at Facebook with Edwin's daughters, Michelle and Neca just this week.    How fast time flies.  All your grandchildren are now in their teens and four are in their early twenties!  Jennifer (my daughter), Francis (Jo's son)  and Michelle (Edwin's daughter), all 23 years old,  have jobs already.  I am so proud of Jennifer who is now a team leader of their group.  Yes, she is still finishing her college education, but I have no doubt that she will be able to finish her course in less than 2 years time.  Diana (Maritz's daughter)  will be graduating this year and will proceed to take up Law.  I hope that we, your children  will be good example to your grandchildren.  I hope that we will be able to inculcate in them honesty, independence, the value of hard work, responsibility,  loyalty and pride and joy in each others' achievements, instead of bitter rivalry and intrigue mongering as was the case with other relatives.

I am so proud of Jo, Maritz and Edwin for bringing up good children.  Your grandchildren know the value of education, and each one of them work to realize their dreams. 

I had a colorful childhood experiences while with you and when you left me with relatives.  That's because I pride myself of being Tatay's daughter - courageous, independent, strong, and with a mind of my own.  They called me a rebel and a stubborn child.  They made fun of me, they gossiped about me, but I retained my self respect because you have pounded that on us, your children.     I made mistakes, I suffered the consequences.  May I quote from Invictus, "My head is bloody, but unbowed". 

'Nay and 'Tay, I will try to have your sense of humor as I grow old. I will always remember our shared jokes and laughter.   'Tay, in your macho way,  you loved us your children equally, we felt your love and we are stronger for it.  'Nay, you and Tatay were not so demonstrative of your affections but maybe that made us stronger.  Maybe next year, we your children  will have a family reunion and we will make sure that your grandchildren know your greatness.   You will be forever be in our hearts.



  1. Thanks for this beautiful letter Malou, got a little emotional, but it always feel good everytime I think of them.

  2. Thanks for writing this Ate. Glad to know more about Tita Juling and Tito Mating.

    Today is Nanay's 2nd death anniversary and lately I have been recollecting my relationship with her in specific periods. I am glad that more understanding has filtered into my pagbabalik-tanaw. Forgiveness too.

    Thank God for our mothers (and fathers).

  3. Thanks Maritz. I know they are happy together in heaven :)

  4. Thanks, Pats. Will offer mass for Tita Cinder too.

    Yes, forgiveness opens our lives to greater happiness.


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