Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 2 of the Curriculum - Letter to my Crush

My darling sweetheart,

You are my greatest crush, and you are also my husband. I thank God that you are both and we are together always and forever. 

Thanks for the wonderful dinner tonight at the Sit-n-Bull with our daughter, Jackie.  You adopted my  two daughters, Jenn and Jackie.  Yesterday you and Jackie were interviewed for the 2nd time at  the American Embassy and this time, Jackie's U.S. tourist visa was approved.  Thank you my sweetheart for working hard for it.  I remember the first time when Jenn and Jackie's U.S. tourist visas were denied and you were more disappointed than anyone of us.  Earlier you were planning  for Jenn to apply again for the tourist visa and I dismissed your idea.  I am so sorry for being so curt:  you and I agreed that Jenn's circumstances are different from Jackie's, and I don't think that Jenn is ready again to face the American consul at the embassy. 

Thanks for the promise of making it up to me - after hearing my tales of woes with my ex and  my sad childhood experiences for the nth time.  You felt sorry for me and with your magnanimous heart promised me for the nth time  that you'll make my life happy, and never again will I have those sad experiences; that never again will I kowtow to anyone in order to get a job, and never again will I worry about where to get the money to pay for the apartment rent, etc.. 

You know that even without those promises I love to be with you, I enjoy your company and I will always take care of you because I fell in love with you the first time I've set my eyes on you.  To me you are the most good looking man ever, the best husband ever, the greatest love of my life.  I promise never again will I snarl at you, never again will I shout your name when I am trying to call your attention - because you prefer that I call out 'husband' instead of your name.  (I can't promise not to shout, though).   Never again will I take it against you if you steal my thunder while I am cooking. You are a good cook, like I am too, but too many chefs spoil the broth....  I will learn more about proof reading so that  I will be able to help you with your writing.  I will research for you things that you need enlightenment.  I will never tell anyone anything negative about you, but I will never tell the female of the species the things that I so admire about you - because I was burned several times already.   Some of my friends had a crush on you not only because of your good looks, but also because I was gushy  when I  told them how beautiful your heart is and how generous  your spirit is.  You know that I hate rivals for your love. 

Now I have to end this so we could sleep together for a longer time instead of me staying out of our bedroom and coming back at around 4 AM because I read mystery novels when I can't sleep or edit pictures or write a blog entry such as this. 

Good night my darling, let's have sweet dreams together.

I love you,

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