Saturday, September 18, 2010

7 Letter to Ex Husband

Dear Manuel,

Thanks for being the sperm donor, my daughters are the most beautiful daughters in the universe.  Jennifer and Jacqueline are  pretty -with fair and clear skin, thick hair and mestiza features, thanks to you.  They are now adopted by Dave and we all have the same surname, not yours but Dave's.  Because of their mestiza features, they pass as Dave's biological daughters too. 

I will keep this letter short as I don't like to write bad things about you.  You are already bitter and I won't add to your misery. 

I have already forgiven you.



  1. smiles ... loooong smiles...
    You're "letter" cracked me up, woman! Lovely, short and straight to the point!

    Hugs from Dy,


  2. Thanks Dy. It's hard to forgive, but even harder is to forget......

  3. Great letter, and way to stay so positive with it!


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