Saturday, September 18, 2010

6 - Letter to Stranger

Dear Stranger,

 I met you at the International Airport in Saudi Arabia.  You are a gentleman from Sri Lanka, wearing a dark suit and tie.  You were reading a newspaper and beside you was an attache case.  You look professional, so I chose to approach you.  I was scared of the airport inspector who checked my luggage.  He found a Swiss Army knife inside my luggage and he confiscated it.  I told him that I intended to give that to my dad as a gift. He feigned anger, and accused me of plotting a criminal act.  He and his cohorts made a big deal out of it.  He finally made a 'deal', motioned me to stand aside as he said he'd like to talk with me. I went past the inspection booth and waited at a spot where he directed me. Later the airport inspector  approached me and instructed me to go to the men's comfort room and wait for him inside.  I was so scared, I walked towards the men's comfort room and then detoured to the airport waiting lounge where you were seated.  I was thinking this is a public place and the a**hole would have to  drag me if he'd like to f*ck me inside the men's room.  I told you, kind stranger, of my predicament and you told me to sit beside you, as you will take care of it.  The airport inspector gave me the fishy eye and I stared back at him, daring him to make his move.  He was furious but he knew he was defeated and went back to his station.

Thank you dear stranger for being there at the right time and at the right place.

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