Saturday, September 18, 2010

5 Letter to Dreams

Dear Dreams,

You are my best friend.  You were my companion as long as I could remember. I have several notebooks filed with my dreams, mostly my night dreams, and sometimes my daydreams.  I had a few nightmares too. In this  cyber age, I no longer keep notebooks, I keep an online diary with several entries detailing my dreams upon waking up. 

I learned how to interpret dreams during my darkest time.  I had bought several book of dreams, and learned how to decode not only  my nocturnal adventures but also of others.  I am proud to say that about 80 percent of  my interpretation, my dreams and that of others, are true be they are prophetic or only reflecting the dreamer's situation and problems.

Thank you dreams for giving me hope in my darkest hours.  You are a friend and through you I would  to give others hope in their times of despair. 

I communicate with the deceased through you, I communicate with elementals and other strange creatures through you.  Thank your for being the medium.  We will be forever friends.


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