Sunday, February 7, 2010

Desperate Ways to End a Relationship

We were with our friends last night at Sit-n-Bull Restaurant and bar when I asked our male friend what happened to his ex girlfriend.  (He has a new girlfriend now, actually another ex, but is now the current).   With this male friend of ours, let's call him Bill to protect the innocent, he always reconciles with his ex.  I mean after one of his ex eloped with a tomboy, he and the ex gf reconciled after the tomboy affair finished.  They had  on and off relationship in a span of 12 years!  He is the type of guy who forgives and forgets.  But this last time of breaking up, he assured us there will be no more reconciliation. What made him decide that?  The ex girlfriend tried extortion!  She took away his passport, his car registration and would not return them unless he pays her  money!  He gave her money, but not the full amount.  She needed the cash desperately.  He used to hep her and her family financially but she pisses them away drinking with her tomboy buddies.  The last goof-up was the last straw the broke the camel's back.  That sealed the break up.  For good.

I remember my husband's ex 'girlfriend' then...although he did not call her 'girlfriend'.   She was one of the four  regular f**k buddies he had before we met.  He's bad, ain't he.  Not really, as almost all of these girls are bar girls and they do sex for money.  I told him that if he's serious about our relationship, he should get rid of his f**k  buddies.  He did.  He informed them he'd moved out of his rented apartment in Angeles, Pampanga and transfer to Makati where I used to work as a call center agent.  No more business with the bar girls.  One of the girls who always got extra money from him called him, continued asking for money for her special needs - imaginary illnesses, milk for the baby (not his baby), rent for her room, etc.   I disapproved of that.  It's obvious that she would get as much money from him and would like to continue their 'relationship'.  I told my sweetheart to change his cell phone number so she would not be able to disturb him by her constant calls and SMS messages.  She is resourceful, though.  She was able to get his email address and the new cell phone number from his other male friends.  She kept calling, emailing him.  My sweetheart who has a soft spot for the needy kept sending her money.  I was furious.  I gave him an ultimatum, to stop communicating with her or I am gone.  He told her about this, and her response?  She will be gone for good from his life if he pays her P10,000  (about $217.00 in today's exchange rate) in cash.  My sweetheart smartened up.  She was gone with the wind from his life before you could say Gotcha! 

Fast way to end a relationship, whatever kind of relationship, right?  Here are more  tried-and-true desperate ways to end a relationship. 

1)  Flirt with their relatives - brother, sister, parent, and actually cheat on him/her.
2)  Become pregnant with another man's child if you are a woman, and if you're a man, impregnate another woman. .
3)  If you are a wife or a husband, gamble away his/her money, pawn your house and other properties and actually lose them.
4)  Use  illegal drugs and spend your partners money as fast as you could. 
5)  Blackmail your partner with your sex video tape while you two are making out.  If she/he does not pay, sell them or upload them in youtube for everyone to view and enjoy. 

Could you think of more?


  1. Thanks so much Monissima :) Greetings from Bangkok!

  2. You know what? This is just the kind of post I need to read right now. Well, probably against my better good though!

    I am so f-ing just....f-ing....aaaahhhhh right now....(you get the picture) over men and relationships. Men fall for bitches. Then they spend the rest of their lives crying over the bitches breaking their hearts!

    Why fall for the bitch in the first place!?

    Sorry! Sorry! I have made your comment box my personal notepad for venting.... tsk tsk...sorry...


  3. I feel the same way, C. I mean how lucky could those bitches be? I think that men fall for them because the relationship provides more emotional excitement. And I think if they like bitches, they deserve them too. That's Karma, isn't it?

  4. Very interesting post! I'd say that these are definitely desperate ways to end a relationship! And you're right, Karma will get them!

  5. Thanks, Marguerite :) These are really baaaaddd ways to end a relationship, hehehe.

  6. That is interesting, and terrible all at once!

    I've left you an award at my blog!

  7. Thanks so much Ms. Angie, my first blog award ever!

    健康保寶, thanks so much :)

  8. i do love your blog that is full with joy!

  9. Thanks, SB. I visited your blog too, it's fuil of amazing insights!

  10. thanks 白色情人節.

    Take care :))


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