Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010 to Everyone!

The past year was supposedly bad for me, according to Chinese Astrology, yet looking back, It was not so, thank God.  This year, the year of Metal Tiger, promises to be a yet better year. 

I guess good or bad depends on one's perspective.  I sunk so low years before that the only other way is up. I thank God for the things I have learned, I thank God that I developed strength of spirit. 

Last year, I became more active with my blogging, and created two more blogs, Silver Lite and Bloggerang Pinay.  I thank Blogger for free domain.  I thank you dear blog  followers and buddies.  You inspire me with your blogs.    I may not be a frequent noter but I still follow you.  I had this habit of checking out your blogs from my dashboard, thus reading the first few sentences of your blogs.  It's the fastest way of updating myself with the happenings in your part of the world.

I also had my first writing assignment from oDesk.  My first client is God sent.  I learned a lot from her.  I still write for her, and we have future projects in mind.  I thank God for her confidence on me, for her appreciation of my writing, for the break in this field.  I also had a writing job in another company.  All I can say is I prefer oDesk jobs.  oDesk have clear policies, guaranteed payment and buyers are more reliable.  From now on I am an oDesk loyalist.  No more job hunting in another company. 

This year, I would like to have more friends. I will be more diligent in updating my blogs and visiting and commenting on your entries too.   Let me all greet you all a happy, healthy and more prosperous 2010.  I pray for all of you, for all of us.
Thanks  to for my greeting card :)


  1. Happy New Year Silver, nice that you started the year with gratitude:) That is true grace

  2. Thank you also, MaLou, for being a reader, a follower, and a friend. I appreciate you greatly and dearly. Join me on my journey in 2010! Remember! Life is not short! It is long! There is always time to pick people up on our journey, and bring them with us! :)

    A very magical New Year to you, MaLou! :)


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  4. Dear Maria Lourdes Cabrido Silverman,
    Your blog is full of valuable contents. I must appreciate you for your vision. I'm happy to see that you have joined my blog as a follower. Thanks. Please give me your e-mail address so that I may inform you about the updates in my blog in future.
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  5. Hello Dr. Pankaj Sharma,

    Thank you. My email address is I would like you to visit my other blogs too - and my photo blog

    Take care,


  6. Happy blogging in 2010! I hope your life is filled with blessings. :)

  7. Thanks so much, Louisiana Belle, and I wish the same to you and your loved ones. Your blog paints local color and states universal truths.

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