Saturday, October 3, 2009

What To Do While Your Man is Flirting.

Some men are so callous, or maybe they are sensitive in all other ways but they just could not help themselves, they flirt with other women while you’re with them. Flirting sometimes could do everyone good, like the feel good and harmless flirting, as in giving compliments, etc. Flirting, which is my topic now is of the other kind - the malicious one, done in "secrecy" and sometimes with the hope of a follow-up and consummation. My man, meaning my husband, in fairness, does not initiate the flirting. I mean he will stare at some booties or blatantly exposed flesh, or would smile and get interested at flirty quips, but he does not initiate or will not pursue the case down to a motel or any bedroom or comfort room, etc. He would “covertly” smile or steal a glance at the bitch. Of course nothing escapes to a wife like me. So what do you to do while the flirtation between the bitch and your man is going on?

1. Establish your presence with your man. I mean don’t pretend you’re just one of the furniture wherever this happens. I used to do that out of sheer disgust, but it’s self-defeating. I get so mad after wards and I vent on him, like throw plates, glasses or cell phone. That’s one way to drive your man away and that gives him enough reason to go back to the bitch. So while they pretend that they are the only two people in the room, making googoo eyes at each other, reestablish your presence, like talk about his favorite subject, be it himself, his work, or your neighbor or even talk about how the bitch has lovely smile (shit!).

2. See to it that the bitch knows that you know what is going on. The thrill of their encounter is the “secrecy” or something sweet between just the two of them. Make eye contact with the bitch, even smile at her, hoping your smile will disarm her and think that you’re too nice to be cuckolded and in your presence too.

3. Remain pleasant and worldly throughout the whole thing. You want your man to remember how sophisticated and funny you are. Tell jokes, make fun of anything, even yourself. Don’t make fun of the bitch though, as this will make her bitter and be vindictive, or this will make your man sympathize with her.

4. Before you leave the place, tell your man how many times he stole glances or smile or wink (whatever fooleries he made) to the bitch just so he knows you’re not fooled. For instance I tell my husband “that’s a dirty dozen now”, referring to the number of time he made googoo eyes with the bitch, or say, "Hmmn, you made it to the baker’s dozen”. Sometimes he will deny or pretend he does not know what you’re talking about but this will make him realize that you’re nobody’s fool. It took my husband three years to finally admit his googoo eyes and actually laugh about it with me. He says now (albeit facetiously) I am a wizard!

These episodes are so infuriating to us girlfriends and wives but men are animals or unthinking children so we have to either suffer, ignore, make a joke of it or get even. I am not a vindictive person, and I don't like to flirt with another man (makes it more complicated!) just to get even.

In the first place, maybe we could avoid the situation at all. Remember -
when you are in the bar or in any other social places, and there are always bold, dirty and flirty women, be sure to make eye contact with the bitch, and watch her moves every time she makes contact with your husband. Recently I realized this happened when the bitch of a waitress placed our orders on the table. While I was busy checking out our orders, the bitch made eye contact, and smiled flirtatiously with my husband and made the "intimate connection". After that, they looked at each other across the room like they were secret lovers. The waitress saw to it that she passed our table while she was getting orders or serving food, and sometimes even nudged my husband's arm or shoulder while she passed. Avoid that by looking at her moves casually, even smile at her. Unless she is truly a hardened bitch, she will be a little shy. There are callous bitches, actually. I remember going inside a bar and a waitress took fancy of my husband. She is not a dancer, she’s just a f*****g waitress but she started dancing in front and around my husband. Other girls laughed, reminded her “you’re silly, the guy’s with his wife, you gain nothing by that”. She insisted on showing her sexy dance moves though, even told me, “your husband is so cute, Ate (Ate means big sister in Tagalog)”. Hayyyy. How do you handle this?


  1. I have to say when Im in love I really dont seem to notice any one else so I dont flirt at all..... I always thought that a sign of disrespect...I wouldnt want my lover to entertain the eyes of another...people are different on this issue...some say its ok to look but thats all...... when im in love i could care less who walks by......

  2. Good for you and your woman. For other guys, I think it's exciting to be noticed by another woman. I have a couple friend, the wife is a singer/actress, very pretty, attractive and young. That does not prevent the husband's eyes to wander and look or stare!


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