Saturday, October 31, 2009

Despite Typhoon Santi, Happy Halloween

Today, I found in my Yahoo inbox some  guidelines on how to prepare for yet another strong typhoon, Santi,  international name is  Mirinae.  Pagasa, the local weather bureau, predicts that the eye of the typhoon would be passing through Metro Manila, bringing in strong winds of up to 180 km/h (signal no. 3) and heavy rains. The eye of the storm is expected to make landfall over Infanta, Pampanga, Zambales,  etc.  It's going everywhere we're going! So I should prepare for the storm.
Here are some of the general guidelines they gave:

1. Review family emergency plans - We don't have plans at all, our family members are scattered in all the areas to be hit by the typhoon.  Although I could make  plans  to go to the U.S. right now,  my husband would not like to hear foolish plans like that.  He likes to live in a tropical country.

2.  Ensure adequate water to last for several days - Um, yes. Yesterday we had our big container of  "purified drinking water" replenished.  I just don't know if they'd  come back again for more replenishment later.  I think I scared the delivery man when he asked for payment two deliveries ago.  "This is supposed to be free now", I firmly told him.  "Every 6th delivery we get 1 container free".  That's their promo, but just maybe I scared him when I also taught him how to use our doorbell so he does not leave the container on the doorway, and of course I told him I am not paying him, NO WAY!!!!

3.  Have adequate amount  of cash on hand - I hope so. My daughter is very good at milking money from me  'till the last drop.  Imagine every day, she'd demand. "mom, I did the laundry last weekend, please pay me P70 as you promised", or "Mom, I swept the floor of the dining room, living room, kitchen, your bedroom, please pay me P45", and other payments for jobs done. What a brat!

4.  Have a supply of candles and matches - Oh I could be awarded for readiness concerning those things.  I always use black candles and matches  whenever I do the ceremony of piercing needles on my New Orleans voodoo doll.  My doll's name is Yasmin, the same name that my neighbor has.

5.  Check windows, door and roof - Yeah yeah.  The last time I checked my windows, no neighbors went to the pool, too windy.  The roof, I always go out with my broom via our roof every night. And the door, it's always closed lest my neighbor and her partner fight again and we don't like  be to be asked as witnesses for homicide. 

6.  Seek temporary shelter during the storm - As I said we're all in the eye of the typhoon, unless you,  dear reader,  invite us to your home,  in Las Vegas, maybe? 

7.  Prepare an emergency kit containing toiletries, medicines, important documents (in plastic bags), extra  clothes and if possible basic  bedding.  - Gosh I have to do this.  Kidding aside I better stop goofing around and prepare myself, I hear strong gusts of wind in our kitchen.

But before that, let me be socially  relevant and get into my Halloween costume.  Sorry folks, I don't like to smear my flawless face with ketchup or any other gooey stuff  for blood.  My wrinkles should be enough, I am retaining my beautiful face:

Ok, that's Angel Locsin's picture which I tweaked in Photoshop.  Angel Locsin played the local super heroine, Darna.  Darna is also Narda, a simple village girl who swallows a white stone (don't, just don't swallow a common white stone, buy a talistone from me...maybe it could transform you.....)  to transform herself to Darna in order to fight the common criminals,  enemies with super powers - the likes of snake woman or Valentina, Babaeing tuod (the tree monster), etc.
Darna is a comics character created by the novelist Mars Ravelo.  The name of the super heroine is originally Varga.  She made her debut in Bulaklak Magazine in  1947 and became a household name. Later, Mars Ravelo had a fallout with the magazine and had to leave.

Since the  magazine bought the rights for Varga, he renamed his super heroine to  Darna.  He also got himself a new illustrator (he used to illustrate his own stories).  Compare the illustrations above by Nestor Redondo to one at the right by Mars Ravelo. Nestor Redondo  was more illustrative, not cartoony like Mars Ravelo. 
So many local movie stars portrayed Darna on films as well as on TV. . Below are the recent movie stars who played Darna:  Angel Locsin (left) and Marian Rivera (right).  I know,  I am the best Darna.
Dear gentle reader, who do you like best, Angel Locsin or Marian Rivera? 
The current Darna TV series is portrayed by Marian Rivera, Valentina is portrayed by Iwa Moto (right of Darna) and Valentina's father Paulo Contis (left of Darna) who played the alien, one of the  Anomalkans.
Darna's number one enemy is Valentina, the snake woman, who is helped by her father. If you go to my other blog site, Swimming and Floating, you'll find Valentina  with her snake head. Oh, just as I was writing this, a good ole neighbor Chris passed by and scared us with his Dracula costume. Here he is:

Happy Halloween everyone.  May Santi and other typhoons be scared and not come back for thousand years to come.


  1. MaLou, you make me laugh and smile with your post. I think Angel is a much prettier lady for the part and your neighbor's costume is so great!

    Now the typhoon...gosh, that's really scary. I will be praying for you and your family. I hope that it turns away from where you are.
    I wanted to thank you, too, for leaving such nice comments on my blog. I really appreciate how sweet you are :)

    I wish you a safe and happy typhoon-free weekend!
    Hugs to You :)

  2. Thanks so much Kelly. Thanks for the prayers too. Fortunately, the typhoon Santi and the others changed their course this week....I hope I could say the same in the coming weeks.

    Happy weekend too, and hugs :)

  3. Very good advices to keep in mind! Your posts are easy reading, instructive and, more important, very funny.
    A hug

  4. Thanks so much, Javier. I like to think I am being funny, and the bonus is I am being instructive :)



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