Monday, November 3, 2008

These I love

My sister Jo, her husband Franco and their 3 young men, Francis, Ivan and Kenu had a short vacation in Metro Manila. And look what they brought - my favorite food!

This is special baye baye, as the more common one comes in brown color. The difference in color is from the sugar used. Baye-baye (similar to Southern Tagalog’s espasol, is made from glutinous rice or pilit, and shredded young coconut strips. Espasol from Laguna differs in texture, they have this starchy coating and they are usually rolled and wrapped in white paper.

This is mamon tostado or toasted chiffon cake.

Biscocho - sweet and buttery, so yummy.

And what is Ilonggo sweets without piaya.

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  1. Great photos! You have gotten better than ever, nakakainggit!!!!


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