Thursday, October 2, 2008

Foxy Boxing

Yes, Virginia, we have foxy or sexy boxing in a girlie bar nearour place.

The emcee said, aping Chris Buffer in a constipated voice, “on the right corner”………. hold it, where's is actually the right corner? The emcee is a he woman, wore a polo shirt with loose trousers. Inside the round counter were young sexy dancers needless to say, surrounded by ogling customers, mostly males. Everyone made noise, either hooting, cheering, laughing or gossipping. The noise reached a higher level when a sexy boxer with super short shorts and barely there top went inside the ring. Okay, did not ask anymore who's in the right or left corner. This boxer had a blue plastic mask with matching blue gloves.

Again, the emcee announced in her constipated voice, “on the left corner wearing red gear, weighing 150 pounds”……I was about to protest to the he woman, the 2nd boxer may not be as sexy as the first one but she definitely weighed less than 110 lbs.

Anyway, who cares, bring it on!

The Round 1 girl sashayed inside the "ring" to the beat of Manila Girl with lively voice of Myra of Put3ska. BTW, Myra is now known as Skarlet, the Jazz performer. She's done now with rock and roll, although she says she's still a rocker at heart. Skarlet has a bar, Ten o2 located at Timog Blvd., cor. Ybardolaza in Quezon City, Philippines, of course. Have you seen Skarlet compete with other singers for Music Ikon of Asia? Skarlet has a distinctive jazz style, at par with Ella Fitzgerald, but Vina Morales won over all the singers with her overwhelming stage presence and sexy get-up. That's what youth and taut body could do for you. Okay, let's get back to boxing.

The Round 1 girl removed her sexy bikini top, fingered herself, gyrated, did the split, I am getting bored.

On on!

"On with the **d-damned boxing", my sweetheart shouted. I believe he's done with staring at jiggling boobs.

Tingggg, that's Round 1. The cat fight, umm, the boxing started - Imagine Gina Carrano with her fist fights but in slow motion. Still people seemed to enjoy - the laughed, betted against each other. Ayyyyyy, boxer no1's left boobs fell to the floor, I mean her bikini top fell. "That's a Kodak moment", observed my dear husband. More hoots. She fixed her boobs inside the bikini top and got on again with the fist fight.

Tingggg, end of round 1. The boxers were given drinks, massaged and psyched up against yhe opponent.

Okay, round 2. A new girl circled the ring, she's the Round 2 girl, Japanese-looking with the facial expression of a fighting cock. I like her, not really pretty, looking feisty with a lopsided grin. She was a comedienne gyrating to Santana's Samba Pa Ti. She took out a lollipop inside her skimpy shorts, showed it off to everyone, inserted it inside her gina and licked it. I raised my eyebrow when she came over to us and placed her lollipop in my husband's drink. Dave considered his drink wasted and ordered another one.

Tinggg, boxing time again. They exchanged lots of slow motion punches, made faces with each other and with the customers. the customers ordered more drinks.......The chubby boxer in red gear was sucking wind. Punch, duck, punch, duck...ooops, she almost fell off the ring.

Tingggg…..end of round 2. Break again. Chubby boxer looked like she wanted to go home and sleep.

Round 3, This is it, the last round. This was the fist fight ala Manny Pacquaio vs. the Golden Boy. May the best girl be short timed tonight. (Short time, meaning paid to go out with the customer for at least 3 hours). Screams and laughter…Ayyyy, the red boxer lay giggling at the counter, the referee counted 1, 2....she stood up and punched the referee. Yayyyy!!

Tinggggg. End of round 3, end of fight. Intermission first before decision. Sultry dancer was on stage. Pinay beauty, wearing very pale lipstick but I can't see her face..... it's covered by her oily hair, yukkk. Did she put on too much leave-on conditioner? Alluring she became when she started dancing. She wore white fishnet scarf for her top and matched it with white lace t-back. They like Santana's music here. It's the same music that I use in working out - belly dancing while imagining myself as good as the Egyptian belly dancers in Saudi Arabia.

The winner – judged by the audience' claps and guffaws and show of love in any form. Are you for Blue gear or for Red gear Boxer? I am kind and considerate, so with much sympathy, I voted for the chubby boxer in red gear who was seated on the counter, two ft. away from me--- I showed my caring by clapping with my trigger-fingerd hands. Blue gear boxer was declared the winner esp. when the Arab/American customer kept shouting Blue gear, Blue gear, Blue gear like a sort of mantra......

In short, we watched 3 fights. I had to laugh at the last Round girl, who was dancing and splitting but when she noticed that her favorite cutomer arrived she went to him, gyrated in front and around him, had him sniff her gina, then actually sat on his face while she was holding on to a rope from the ceiling. She totally forgot about her Round 3 card. My sweetheart said, ”this girl is not so focused in her job”…..”Yeah”, I agreed, “she got distracted”.


  1. Isalin mo rin sa English ang blogs mo para mabasa din ng bf ko :)

  2. well, i guess this is one way that i can practice my tagalong....

  3. Anonymous, promise, I will do that :)


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