Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving On

So Chicatime (my raison d'etre for this blog site) died.

I am forever fan of celebrities, movie stars, politicians, entertainers, etc. Chicatime was my favorite before; its one the chismisan site for badmouthing celebrities. But there are many more like:

These are sites for Western celebs.

This site is a toned-down a little bit, but the gossips are still hot.

And these are for local (Philippine) celebrities, some entertainers became global but they're still Pinoys.

This is straight (without swardspeak) goody celeb write ups by Ricky Lo but the comments posted are hilarious, from a group called Wanbol University, with Ms. Tapia, Bossing, etc. the exchange of communications from the commenters are more fun reading than the article itself, lolz.

Another gossip site for Philippine celebs:

I like to read these too:

Kitty Go's blogsite:

Read about her here:

And from from a self-proclaimed OFW:

I have two other blog sites, aside from Friendster .....the reason why I don't write as much here.

The first blog site that I joined since 2004 is where I write all my gripes, rants and raves.
The other site is where I post my creative works, a sort of portfolio where friends and relatives see samples of my works, and to a selected few, I post pictures with corresponding gossips. My friends/readers on each of these sites are as different as night and day, and I intend to keep it that way.

Hmmnnn, I wonder what I will be posting here.....

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